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HIV Testing in Pregnancy

The aim of HIV testing in pregnancy is to identify HIV infection in pregnant women. Since 2000, approximately 24 children in New Zealand have contracted HIV because it was undetected during pregnancy in their mothers.

Treatment in pregnancy commences at 14 weeks and reduces transmission of HIV to the baby from up to 30% to less than 1%. In fact, 96 babies have been born in New Zealand to identified HIV positive women who have been appropriately treated in pregnancy and none of these children have been infected with HIV.

HIV testing in pregnancy is now a normal part of antenatal care. All pregnant women can expect to be offered an HIV test with informed consent principles, along with the other first antenatal blood tests such as Rubella, Hepatitis B and Syphilis, and will have a choice whether to accept or decline.

For further information on HIV testing in pregnancy, please contact your maternity care provider. Information leaflets are available to download (see below) or visit the National Screening Unit Website.

This page was last updated at 10:13AM on May 6, 2024.