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Counties Manukau Health Memory Team

Public Service, Older People's Health

Scope of the Memory Team Service

The Memory Team is a service that continues to develop ways to reach as many people as possible in the Counties Manukau area. Currently the team is only able to cover a limited area with home visits.

All GP Practices have access to the Cognitive Impairment Pathway and e-learning through the Goodfellow Unit.

The current service provides:

  • Home visits
  • Specialised and comprehensive memory assessment
  • Clarification of diagnosis of cognitive impairment or dementia
  • Advice and support of carers, family/whaanau
  • Assistance to clients and their families regarding planning for the future
  • Discussions regarding Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) and Competency for EPOA
  • Discussions regarding safety to continue driving, referrals to specific Driving Assessments
  • Information and resources on memory loss, delirium and Advance Care Planning
  • CT Brain Scans if required
  • Follow up and education in conjunction with Dementia Auckland
  • Care Coordination and liaison with other services – GPs, Needs Assessment Services, Mental Health Services and general health services etc.
  • Liaison & advice for Memory Team clients while they are in Medical & Geriatric Wards at Middlemore Hospital.

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