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Public Service

Respite Service

To give the carers of the older person a break. Scheduled and fully funded DHB programme in residential care.

This provides carers of the older person with a regular scheduled programme in a residential facility. This is a fully funded DHB programme.


  • Is accepted as a client by the Needs Assessment & Service Co-ordination Service.
  • Has ongoing disability support needs related to chronic or acute on chronic, physical, psychological, psychiatric and/or social problems often interacting to exacerbate frailty and dependence.  
  • Has been assessed by the Needs Assessor & Service Co-ordinator as being at a high or very high level using the SPA Tool.
  • Has an informal carer(s) who is providing most of the support needs for the client in a home situation.
  • Provides a significant amount of the 24-hour care needed.
  • The demands placed on the carer(s) are considerable.   Unless there is respite from the demanding role at regular intervals, it is unsustainable in the long term.  
  • Carer(s) is unpaid for the role of caring for the family member.


  • People with short term convalescent care needs following an acute episode of illness or injury.
  • Clients who are formally paying the carer(s) for the 24 hour care they receive.
  • People who are covered under the Accident Compensation Corporation Act.

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