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Service Co-ordination

Service co-ordination is a process of working with the Clinical Needs Assessor to identify, plan and review what support is required to meet the needs and goals of the person and, where appropriate, their family/whānau and carers. Service co-ordination also determines which of the assessed needs can be met by government funded services and which can be met by existing family and social support networks and other non funded services. There may be a cost for some services; others may be subsidised/funded.

The Clinical Needs Assessor will discuss what options are available to the person and their family/whānau. Together they decide what services will be provided and who will provide them. The Clinical Needs Assessor will write a letter to the client that summarises the assessment, identified needs and goals and what support has been recommended or arranged. The plan may include support to complete daily activities such as showering, dressing, exercise, leisure/recreational activities, support for carers etc. The plan will include assistance from family/whānau, friends, other agencies and support options available in the community. It will also include any referrals sent on to other health services for further assessment or support.

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