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What is Orthopaedics?
Orthopaedics is a specialty that deals with conditions of the musculo-skeletal system (disorders of bones and joints of the limbs and spine). The specialty covers a range of conditions including congenital (conditions which children are born with) through to degenerative (conditions relating to the wearing out of joints). The field of orthopaedics covers trauma where bones are broken or injuries are sustained to limbs.

Referral Expectations

Your GP will send us a letter explaining your condition. If you meet the criteria to be seen, we will make an appointment time and send it directly to you. You will be seen in the outpatient clinic by specialist doctors who will discuss treatment options and recommendations with you.
You need to bring with you:

  • Any letters or reports from your doctor or other hospital.
  • All medicines you are taking including herbal and natural remedies.
  • Your pharmaceutical entitlement card.
  • Your ACC number, if you have one.

Procedures / Treatments

  • Fracture Clinics

    These clinics are run by most orthopaedic departments for patients that have sustained an injury that has already been treated and further follow-up of that injury is required, to monitor progress of a healing bone, check the position of the bone in a cast and to decide when other steps… More

  • General Outpatient Clinics

    These are clinics for patients that have been referred by their doctor for an orthopaedic opinion on a specific concern.… More

  • Joint Replacement

    For elderly patients joint replacement surgery is commonly required to treat damaged joints from wearing out, arthritis or other forms of joint disease including rheumatoid arthritis.… More

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