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The Clinical Skills Centre at Auckland City Hospital is a facility that allows clinical staff to learn, review and practise the skills they require to be healthcare practitioners.

The atmosphere in the CSC is both pleasant and quiet and this enables the learner to concentrate on self-development without the ever present conflict of ‘service versus training’.  It is conveniently sited on Level 4 in the Support Building, enabling the majority of staff to ‘drop-in’.  While waiting to commence a course or during a break, participants have access to workstations, tea and coffee making facilities and comfortable seating in the foyer area.

The CSC provides the venue and equipment for a diverse range of clinical skills including, but not limited to, resuscitation skills (both basic and advanced adult and basic paediatric life support), practical procedures and skills for ward staff, new graduates and staff of specialised units, anaesthetic and surgical techniques, Occupational Health & Safety-approved patient handling, communication and interviewing skills, hand washing techniques and universal standards.

There is a large range of both high and low fidelity manikins available in the CSC.  As all the manikins have been purchased from the one company, connections are interchangeable and so are able to be used in any of the clinical rooms for scenario enactments. This is particularly advantageous with the SimMan and SimBaby simulators.  Simulations can be recorded and played back to the trainees to enhance the learning scenario.

There is a fully equipped operating room (OR), set-up room and scrub bay which makes an ideal facility for learning OR culture, anaesthetic and surgical skills in a safe environment.  The OR is equipped with current and modern equipment including an Aestiva anaesthetic machine, Datex monitoring, electric operating table, electro-surgical unit, case cart etc.

An Airway Skills Laboratory, directed and managed by an independent consultant anaesthetist and airway specialist, Dr Paul Baker, provides a range in teaching from the supra glottic airway management through to surgical intervention of the difficult airway for both ADHB and private clients.

Large and small meeting and training rooms with interactive whiteboards are available for the ultimate learning experience.


Mon – Fri 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


The CSC has a set fee structure for room, centre and equipment hire for all external users. Please contact the Clinical Skills Centre Coordinator for user charges.

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Contact Details

Auckland City Hospital

Central Auckland

Clinical Skills  Centre Coordinator

Tracey Race

Phone: +64 9 307 4949 ext 23128 ; Mobile No: 021 938650

E-mail: TRace@adhb.govt.nz


Team Administrator & Resuscitation Programme Coordinator

Arlene Dela Cruz

Phone: +64 9 307 4949 ext 23130

E-mail: ArleneD@adhb.govt.nz


Resuscitation Coordinator

Neil Costales

Phone: +64 9 307 4949 ext 23134

E-mail: NCostales@adhb.govt.nz


Resuscitation Coordinator

Gareth Jenkin

Phone: +64 9 307 4949 ext 23134

E-mail: GarethJ@adhb.govt.nz


Resuscitation Coordinator

Janina Bravery

Phone: +64 9 307 4949 ext 23134

E-mail: JaninaB@adhb.govt.nz


Resuscitation Coordinator

Mandy Bennett

Phone: +64 9 307 4949 ext 23134

E-mail:  MandyB@adhb.govt.nz


Resuscitation Coordinator

Jonathon Webber

Phone: +64 9 307 4949 ext 23134

E-mail: JWebber@adhb.govt.nz  


To contact ALL of the Resuscitation Coordinators please use this e-mail address: resuscoordinators@adhb.govt.nz



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