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Pacific Health Research Guidelines . Health Research Council of New Zealand (2014)

see also the 'CM Health Guide to getting started in research'

see also Markers for Pasifika Health Research in the 21st Century (Professor Sir Mason Durie)

see also Cochrane Library: Special Collections. Health of indigenous peoples: diabetes ; fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) ; suicide prevention

see also  'Research to action: Improving the lives of New Zealanders though health research' [Health Research Council of New Zealand. 2015]

see also Ministry of Health Library: Key Resources - Pacific Health

 Data and Statistics

National.  Ministry of Health

Pacific health data and statistics (various) 

Tupu Ola Moui: Pacific Health Chart Book (2012)
Tupu Ola Moui presents key indicators for Pacific health including socioeconomic determinants, risk and protective factors, health status, the health system and health service utilisation. It identifies areas where Pacific children and adults experience poorer health outcomes but also areas where improvements are being made. 

The Health of Pacific Adults and Children (2013)
This brief paper presents key findings about the health and wellbeing of Pacific adults and children in 2011/12. These results come from the New Zealand Health Survey.

Statistics New Zealand

Pacific peoples 

Health and Pacific peoples in New Zealand: Pacific progress


Pasifika Futures

Pasifika People in NZ – How We are Doing? (May, 2017)
This report provides a current statistical overview of Pacific peoples in New Zealand. It provides demographic and background data on the current state of Pacific participation in the areas of education, health, employment, income, housing, leadership, culture and community participation.

Pacific health statistics onlive via Healthspace
The atlas collects together health and wellbeing indicators for Pacific Island people. Most indicators compare outcomes for Pacific Island people’s with the total population:
oral health of children
immunisation coverage
quit (smoking attempts)
This atlas is a work in progress. Further data will be added as it becomes available.

see also
CPHROnline provides data and information, in the form of interactive maps, for a wide range of health indicators. Data is presented at District Health Board and Territorial Authority levels

The Hub
The Hub is a one-stop-shop for government research on education, health and wellbeing, crime and justice, families, children and young people, and other social science issues.You can search by keyword, topic or agency from the top of each page. The Hub currently hosts research from the Ministries of Social Development, Justice, Health and Education, and the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (Superu).

Wiki New Zealand health data clearinghouse
Wiki New Zealand sources data from other organisations, including corporations, public repositories, government departments and academics.  We import that data into a powerful open source database, we carefully validate it and standardise it. We then make the data available in a series of standardised forms, both human and machine-readable, with rich metadata about the sources, licensing and datatypes.

Health Roundtable
We are a non-profit membership organisation of health services across Australia and New Zealand. We exist to:
Provide opportunities for health executives to learn how to achieve Best Practice in their organisations
Collect, analyse and publish information comparing organisations and identifying ways to improve operational practices
Promote interstate and international collaboration and networking amongst health organisation executives

Members are provided with a wide range of documents and presentations that identify innovations in health care practice, as well as comparative information and meeting notes. Any staff member from a member health service can access these reports by registering for access with their health service email address.

89 health service organisations across Australia and New Zealand are currently members of The Health Roundtable. Many health service members have multiple facilities. A total of 155 facilities currently provide data for comparative analysis.


Counties Manukau District Health Board

Counties Manukau District Health Board: Pacific health

Counties Manukau Health Pacific Health Plan 2017/2018

Counties Manukau Health Pacific Health Plan 2016/2017

Pacific Health 2020

Health Status Documents (CM Health)


Selected Databases

The United States National Library of Medicine's premier bibliographic database providing information from Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Allied Health and Pre-Clinical Sciences.
Hint: When searchingPubmed for Pacific content.  Search on Pacific as a keyword combined with New Zealand as a MeSH subject heading. You can also use: Samoa; Tonga; Fiji; Polynesian as MeSH subject headings.
Other MeSH subject headings that may be relevant to your search include:
Culture ; Medicine, traditional; Health service, indigenous; Cultural competency; Population groups; Socioeconomic factors

Index New Zealand
General index to New Zealand journals and newspapers from 1987 onwards. Indexes some Pacific serials.

New Zealand’s most comprehensive selection of research papers and related resources. This site include peer-reviewed and other research from universities, polytechnics, and research organisations throughout New Zealand

Publications New Zealand
Publications New Zealand is a record of publications from or about New Zealand, from the earliest days of publishing through to the present


Selected Journals

HRC Pacific News
HRC Pacific News is produced twice a year and includes articles about Pacific health research and describes HRC funded Pacific health research outcomes.  It also includes profiles of Pacific health researchers and teams and provides important information about Pacific health research funding opportunities. 

Le Va: Igniting communities, creating change
Le Va's purpose is to create opportunities for pacific families and communities to flourish through embracing Pacific solutions.

Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing
The Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing is a peer-reviewed, open-access, scholarly online journal that shares multi-disciplinary indigenous knowledge and research experience amongst indigenous health professionals, leaders, researchers and community members.

Journal of Primary Health Care
see the regular 'Vaikoloa' articles about Pacific health in the Continuing Development section of each issue

Pacific Health Dialog
Pacific Health Dialog - The Journal of Community Health and Clinical Medicine for the Pacific Region is the only Medline listed medical and public health journal published specifically for Pacific island countries. see Pacific Mental Health and Addictions  - Pacific Health Dialogue (2009) . From 2018 issues of the Pacific Health Dialogue will be published on a new site (free registration required)

Pacific Health Review
Every quarter Pacific Health Review features the latest research in the Pacific Health area.

Pacific People’s Health
Pacific Peoples Health is a FREE Publication targeting Pacific people in New Zealand. Educating and informing Pacific health service users.
see also the Community and health page of

Whanake: The Pacific Journal of Community Development


Selected Texts

Ministry of Health

Pacific health resources (Various Ministry publications and other useful resources relating to Pacific health)

'Ala Mo'ui: Pathways to Pacific Health and Wellbeing 2014–2018 (2014)
see also Progress reports:
December 2018

Taeo o Tautai: Pacific public health workforce development implementation plan, 2012-2017 by Le Va ; Ministry of Health

Primary care for Pacific people: A Pacific and health systems approach  (2012)

Ala mo'ui : pathways to Pacific health and wellbeing : 2010-2014.  (2010)

Faiva Ora National Pasifika Disability Plan 2016-2021 (2017)

Pacific  cultural competencies:  literature review (2008)

Improving quality of care for Pacific peoples  (2008) 

Pacific child health  (2008)

Pacific peoples and mental health (2008)

Pacific youth health (2008)

Development of disability services for Pacific peoples (various)

Pacific peoples’ experience of disability : a paper for the Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan review.  (2008)

Pacific patterns in primary health care: A comparison of Pacific and all patient visits to doctors (2005)

Improving access to primary care for Maori, and Pacific peoples : A literature review commissioned by the Health Funding Authority (2000)


District Health Boards 

Counties Manukau District Health Board

Counties Manukau Health Pacific Health Plan 2016/2017

Pacific Health Development Annual Plan (2013-2014) 
Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan  (2006-2010)
Pasefika LotuMoui Health Programme - Operations Plan (2006-2010)
Northern Regional Pacific Mental Health and Addictions Plan  (2003/05)
Northern Regional Pacific Mental Health and Addictions Plan - Implementation Plan (2003/05)
Language spoken information from the 2013 NZ Census for Pacific and Asian peoples in Counties Manukau (2015)

Our health in our hands: Pacific Health Action Plan 2013 – 2016 [joint plan for
the Pacific populations of the Auckland and Waitemata DHB] (2014)

Ethnic-specific health needs assessment for Pacific people in Counties Manukau (archive - 2007)

Auckland District Health Board. Pacific Action Plan 2010-2014 

Waitemata District Health Board.  Pacific Health Action Plan 2010/2011 – 2012/2013 


Other texts

Annotate Pacific knowledge bibliography (SuperU, 2018)

The Determinants of Health for Pacific Children and Young People in New Zealand (2014) (Determinants of Health for Children and Young People). New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service (2016)

The Pacific International Health Conference 2014: Abstracts and presenter profiles (2014)

Organisational guidelines for Disability Support Services: Working with Pasifika people with disabilities and their families.  Le Va (2014)

This Is Home: A 2014 update on the state of Pasifika people in New Zealand.  Salvation Army (2014)

Evaluation of the implementation and immediate outcomes of the Primary Health Care Strategy: the experiences of Pacific PHOs and Pacific populations (2013)

More than Churches, Rugby & Festivals: A Report on the State of Pasifika People in New Zealand. Salvation Army (2013)

Pacific identities and well-being: cross-cultural perspectives by Margaret Nelson Agee ... [et al.] (editors).  Otago University Press, 2013.  Available from CM Health Library: WA305 A265 2013 

Health and Pacific peoples in New Zealand - Pacific progress.  Dept. of Statistics (2011)

Tuatua Tika: straight talk about Pacific peoples and smoking. Tala Pasifika (2010)

Best health outcomes for Pacific peoples: practice implications.  A resource booklet prepared for the Medical Council of New Zealand by Mauri Ora Associates (2010)

Sport and recreation in New Zealand Pasifika communities. Victoria University of Wellington (2010)

Pearls unlimited: Pacific peoples and alcohol. ALAC (2009)

The health of Pacific children and young people in New Zealand. NZ Child and Youth Epidemiology Service (2008) 

Pacific models of mental health service delivery in New Zealand. Health Research Council (2004)

Selected Print texts available from Counties Manukau Health Library

  Pacific identities and well-being: cross-cultural perspectives (2013) - Location: WA305 A265 2013

  Tangata o le Moana: New Zealand and the People of the Pacific (2012) -  Location DU424.5  T34 2012

 .. more texts from the University of Auckland library:  Search terms: Pacific Islanders - Medical Care - New Zealand


Pacific health Organisations and Websites

Ministry of Health.  Pacific health organisations and websites (directory)

Health Research Council of New Zealand: Pacific health research

Auckland District Health Board: Pacific health 

Counties Manukau District Health Board: Pacific health

Le Va
New Zealand’s national coordination service and workforce development programme for Pacific mental health, addictions, disabilities and general health
        see Le Va's Publications and resources library

Tapuaki Pacific pregnancy and parenting education

Ara Taiohi: Pacific resources
Ara Taiohi is the peak body for the youth sector, created by New Zealand Aotearoa Adolescent Health and Development (NZAAHD) and the National Youth Workers Network Aotearoa (NYWNA).

Whanau Ora: Pasifika resources

Pacific health: Community & Public Health: a division of the Canterbury District Health Board

Auckland University: Pasifika health: research, information and resources (directory) 

University of Otago.  Pacific health resources (directory)

University of Otago.  Pacific Islands research and student support unit
        see PIRSSU List of Publications

Auckland University of Technology. Centre for Pacific health and development research
        see Publications and Resources from the Pacific Islands Families Study

Massey University Pacific Research and Policy Centre
        see  Massey Pasifika research from the Scopus database 2007 

Secretariat of the Pacific Community.  Public health division.  Healthy Pacific lifestyle
        see Resources and publications

see also International Pacific Health Conference 2014


Tangata o le Moana (People of the Sea) Auckland Regional Pacific Provider Network – is a network of 14 Auckland-based Pacific providers, including:

Alliance Health Plus

Bader Drive Healthcare

Health Star Pacific

Mt Wellington Integrated Healthcare

Pacific Homecare

Pacifika Integrated Healthcare

Pacific Media Network

Penina Health Trust

South Seas Healthcare Trust

The Project

TOA Pacific

Tonga Health Society

Vaka Tautua

The Fono

see more Pacific health provider collectives

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