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8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Te Kaahui Ora Maaori Health Whaanau Ora Services

Our Services include:

Whaanau Ora Team

Service Definition (Role)

The Whaanau Ora Service will work with Maaori patients and their whaanau admitted to Middlemore Hospital to identify their needs during hospitalisation and support achievement of whaanau goals post-discharge for a period of up to 12 months.

Using this information, a nominated Whaanau Ora Key Worker will provide co-ordination and/or case management services for consenting whaanau and work with primary care providers, community services and local government and NGO agencies to meet identified goals. Interventions may include but are not limited to assisting the client and their whaanau with health literacy; education; housing/ accommodation; budgeting; advocacy; entitlements; engagement with health/community providers and/or programmes.

Service Objectives

The objectives of our service are:

  • To support seamless care transitions through the health care system for Tamariki-Mokopuna and their whaanau; and Maaori patients with high health needs and their whaanau.
  • To work with whaanau to identify goals and implement strategies or interventions to reduce avoidable hospital admissions; improve engagement with primary care and community providers and; promote healthy lifestyles.

Service Coverage

Service coverage will include:

  • Maaori patients and their whaanau admitted to CM Health secondary care and outpatients.
  • Maaori patients and their whaanau domiciled in the CMDHB area.

Service Delivery

Not all whaanau will have the same level of need. It is assumed that whaanau will have a mix of immediate, short and long term needs, therefore three levels of engagement and assessment are proposed. Service interventions will be based on the goals identified by consenting whaanau as part of the whaanau ora assessment process. Common interventions include but are not limited to: discharge planning, whaanau hui; health literacy; service navigation and/or coordination; education; housing/ accommodation; budgeting; advocacy; engagement with health/community providers and/or programmes or cultural support.

How to refer to our Service (via admission only)

  1. During admission Patient/Whaanau/staff request Maaori Cultural Support or Services.
  2. Staff member tending to that patient must then fill in the standard yellow ‘Referral Form’ which can be found on all wards most likely in your Admin or Ward Clerk areas.
  3. Include as much information as you can; we do prefer more than less.  We will not accept any referrals we deem lacking the appropriate information we require in order to respond effectively to that Patient/Whaanau need. You will be informed immediately if the referral has not been accepted as aforementioned.
  4. Make referral to Whaanau Ora Services; please refrain from individual names.
  5. Once complete these are faxed internally to 8676 where (PA to Service Manager) will collate and refer to Whaanau Ora Team Leader for allocation.
  6. Please note: We are no longer a Ward Based Service; therefore any referrals will be prioritised according to level of severity and response deemed by the Whaanau Ora Team Leader only.

Note: Patient/Whaanau are able to self refer by calling us direct on ext. 8138 but individuals being referred must be inpatient i.e. whaanau calling on behalf of patient

Hearing & Vision Screening

Who we are:

The Hearing & Vision Technician is trained, qualified and committed to provide a quality Hearing & Vision Screen with a focus on Hauora, Tikanga and Te Reo for our Whaanau, Kohanga and Kura Kaupapa within Counties Manukau Health.

What we do:

We screen a defined cohort group of children to identify any hearing problems and vision problems requiring further assessment and/or treatment.

Hearing & Vision Referral Source & Criteria:

All referrals to this service are directed through CM Health Vision & Hearing Team at: 

Unit B, 450 Roscommon Road
Clendon, Auckland
Phone:  (09) 259 3854


8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We are closed weekends and public holidays

Referral Expectations

Referrals can be made by patients, whaanau or staff.

Please ask staff when you are in hospital.


  • He Ara Takahinga - Directory of Services in Auckland to Support Whanau Ora

    This directory of services has been developed to assist whānau in Auckland to access relevant and needed services to support them on their journeys to create and maintain sustainable and vibrant futures.… More PDF


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