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ODNZ's primary responsibility is to co-ordinate the donation of organs and tissues from deceased donors in New Zealand for transplant units in New Zealand - and sometimes Australia - and for tissue banks in New Zealand. The donor co-ordinators provide information and ongoing support for those families who have generously donated organs or tissues.

Organ Donation New Zealand works with health professionals throughout New Zealand to ensure there are nationally consistent and excellent processes for donation in New Zealand. We also provide education and training for health professionals, as well as providing information to the public.

Referral Expectations

Organ Donation New Zealand considers all potential organ and tissue donors, and we welcome any referrals from members of the public and medical practitioners such as GPs.

People of all ages are considered for organ or tissue donation. Very few medical conditions, including many cancers, prevent a person from donating tissue for transplantation - for example eyes for corneal transplantation.

In most cases, you can donate your organs if you have lived in the UK. People who have lived in or visited the UK can donate their kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas and eyes.

Please contact Organ Donation New Zealand and speak to one of our donor co-ordinators to find out more.


For general enquiries about organ and tissue donation please call between 8am-4:30pm on 0800 4 DONOR (0800 436 667).

For organ and tissue donation referrals call the 24-hour service to talk to a donor co-ordinator on (09) 630 0935.


If you would like to receive some organ donation posters or pamphlets (free of charge) please email contactus@donor.co.nz or call us on 0800 4 DONOR.

Click here to view posters, pamphlets and other organ and tissue donation resources.


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