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Child Development Team

The Child Development Team (CDT) provides an assessment and therapy service for children aged 0 - 14 who have a physical, sensory or intellectual disability and those with, or at risk of, developmental delay.

  • Provide a community and / or centre based service to support families and caregivers to enable their child to reach his / her potential. 
  • Offer assessments which may include developmental, motor skill, sensory, speech language or psychological.
  • We assess and recommend equipment and property modifications to optimise developmental potential and assist with daily management.
  • Therapy may be offered to individuals / groups along with home or centre based programmes as appropriate.
  • Provide information, education and support relating to the child's condition and needs.
  • Advocate for the child and his/her family.
  • Refer to other health services as appropriate e.g. Orthotics, Social Work, Audiology Service, Infant, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service and other ‘Well Child’ providers.
  • Liaise closely with other government and community agencies working with children in education and welfare areas e.g. Ministry of Education, Oranga Tamariki.

Referrals should be submitted on the referral form. Please consult the Child Development Team Guidelines for Referrals

Child Development Team Referral Form

Child Development Team Guidelines For Referrals Pamphlet

Our Team
We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of: Team Leader, Referral Coordinator, Visiting Neurodevelopmental Therapists (Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists specialising in child development and special needs), Speech Language Therapist for children up to 3 years of age, Psychologist, Paediatricians, Therapy Assistant and Administration Support.

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