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Children's Unit and Early Childhood Centre

The Children's Unit is for all children aged 0-14 needing overnight care in Rotorua Hospital. Admission is either via the Emergency Department for acute illnesses or by appointment for a scheduled procedure.  

Access to the unit is via the Ground Floor, Bridgman Building. This is a secure unit ­– on arrival please ring the doorbell and a staff member will let you in as soon as possible.

On Admission:
On arrival to the unit, a nurse will visit you to assess your child. You may need to wait to see a doctor so please tell the nurse if you need to leave. Please bring for your child:

  • Favourite toy
  • Comb / hairbrush
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • PJ’s or nightgown if you wish your child to wear their own
  • Anything else which would make your child’s stay more comfortable e.g. own pillow, duvet, etc.

Staff In The Children's Unit:
A nurse is allocated to the care of your child each day. She or he will make themselves known to you at the beginning of the shift. Each child has a nursing assessment and care plan which will be developed in partnership with you and updated each shift. If there is anything you wish to know about your child’s care, your nurse will be able to help you.

The Doctors:
Your child will be reviewed daily by one of our consultant paediatricians or a member of their team.

Rooming In:
We have facilities for one parent or caregiver to room in with their child. 

We will provide a fold-out bed with linen. This is folded up during the day to provide more room around your child’s bed.

You and your child will receive all meals while in hospital. 

Shower facilities are available for parents to use when rooming in, please ask the staff for access keys and towels, etc. 

Whānau Room:
There is a room for parents / caregivers to use which has tea / coffee making facilities (tea, coffee and Milo provided) and the use of a fridge, toaster, microwave and television. Please be mindful not to carry hot drinks around the unit.

Visitors are welcome up until 8.00pm. Please note that no visitors under 14 years of age should be left without adult supervision while visiting with your child.

Early Learning Centre Therapy
The Children’s Unit has a comprehensive Play Department with play specialists to cater for your child’s needs. This operates Monday to Friday, 9.00am till 4.00pm. Play activities are also available at your child’s bedside.

Our staff will do their best to keep your child's time on the ward as relaxed and comfortable as they can. 

Discharge / Leaving Hospital:
Please do not leave the unit with your child unless you have seen your nurse.

On discharge, your nurse will ensure that the relevant paperwork has been completed by the doctor. This can include a discharge letter, prescription, outpatient appointment and information you will need for the ongoing care of your child at home.

We hope you and your child have a pleasant stay in the Children’s Unit.

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