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Bedwetting is a common problem that usually improves over time. Intervention is not required unless the child is still bedwetting beyond the age of 6 years.

If any of the following features are present as well as bedwetting you should consult your GP in the first instance regardless of age:

  • Bedwetting that begins after a 3 month period of being consistently dry
  • Abnormal weeing: straining to pass urine, poor stream, continuous dribbling 
  • New development of excessive drinking and frequent weeing
  • A history of recurrent proven urinary tract infections/bladder infections 
  • Abnormal growth or development
  • Inability to control bowel motions (soiling undies) beyond an age that would be expected.

 Click here for a simple advice sheet to try for bedwetting.

If your child is having problems past the age of 6 with bedwetting they can be referred by your GP to the District Nursing Enuresis service. You will need to take your child to your GP for an assessment. 

The following are two good New Zealand websites for further information about bedwetting: 

  • Kids Health Website: (copy the address below into your web browser to go directly to the relevant information)

  • The New Zealand Continence Society Website:  

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