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Hypospadias is a condition where the penis is not correctly formed. There is a lack of tissue on the undersurface of the penis. This can range from very mild, where the foreskin is not completely covering the tip of the penis (a hooded foreskin), to severe where the penis is bent (has a chordee) and the hole that you pee out (the urethral meatus) is recessed from the tip of the penis up to the scrotum. Hypospadias is becoming more common and most patients with hypospadias have a mild form. To function normally the penis needs to be straight and the meatus needs to be on the tip of the penis. If your child has hypospadias they will be referred to a paediatric surgeon or a paediatric urologist who will assess the problem. For mild forms of hypospadias no surgery may be needed, but for the more severe forms one or two operations may be required. These are usually done in early childhood from 9 months on as required. Depending on the surgery required, some may be done as daystay procedures but often children will need to stay in hospital overnight afterwards or for a longer period of time if the surgery is more extensive.

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