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TARPS (The Auckland Regional Pain Service)

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Comprehensive 3-week Pain Management Programme

The Pain Management Programme is a structured 3-week course (Monday to Friday - 8.15am to 3.00pm) for patients with chronic non-malignant pain.  It has been designed to help when standard medical or surgical treatment may have provided little, or minimal relief from pain.

Following the Programme, the group members are invited to attend three follow-ups at 1, 6, and 12 months.  Further review will be offered on an as-needed basis.

The Pain Management Programme consists of three main parts:

EDUCATION - topics from a variety of speakers on understanding chronic pain, lifestyle and personal development skills, goal setting, relapse management, guidance for return to work and sharing information on how family and other relationships are affected by pain.

RELAXATION - the opportunity to try a variety of relaxation and mindfulness meditation techniques. These techniques enable participants to become more aware of their muscle tension and factors that intensify the pain. Relaxation may have an effect on reducing pain, managing anxiety and improving sleep.

ACTIVATION - a graduated exercise programme designed to improve general fitness and increase activity levels.  Ultimately the goal is to facilitate and enable resumption of normal or more nearly normal life activities.

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