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Tongan Health Society

Health Services

The Society provides a number of health and non-health services with the intention that these services assist and resolve health issues identified as priorities for our community.

• ACC Community (home based) Nursing Services and Home Based
Rehabilitation Services.
• The Langimalie Pre-School.
• Community Health Worker Training (joint venture with the University of Auckland).
• Public Health and Health Promotion Training.
• Counselling for social issues.
• Well Child facilitation.
• Whanau Family Care and Support.
• Dental Nurse Educator.
• School Based Nursing.
• Mobile Nursing Services.
• Youth at Risk.
• Asthma Services.
• Free GP Annual Diabetic Review.
• Outreach Immunisation Services (OIS).
• Pacific Islands Facilitation Service.
• Home Visiting Services.
• Parish nurse.
• Public Health Organisation Services.

The Tongan Health Society now has four divisions within its Society’s structure governed by the Board which is elected by the members of the Tongan Health Society Inc.

The divisions of the Society are:
• Langimalie Health Centre Division
• Community Outreach and Public Health Division
• The Tasilisili Pacific Research and Development Division
• Finance and Administration Division.

Phone: +64 9 636 3629
Fax: +64 9 636 3229

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