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Ultrasound is a technique using pulsed high frequency sound waves to produce an image of a wide range of body parts and blood vessels.

A hand-held transducer and gel will be placed on the skin.  The transducer sends a brief pulse of sound (a millionth of a second) into the body.  The travelling pulse reaches different body structures and sends back echoes to a high speed computer which transforms them into images which are displayed on a monitor.

Your ultrasound will be performed by a sonographer or a radiology doctor.  As far as medical research understands, diagnostic ultrasound is a safe procedure.

Doppler Ultrasound
A Doppler study is a non-invasive scan that can be used to evaluate blood flow by bouncing high-frequency sound waves off red blood cells. The Doppler Effect is a change in the frequency of sound waves caused by moving objects. A Doppler study can estimate how fast blood flows and can help diagnose blood clots, heart and leg valve problems and blocked or narrowed arteries.


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