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Lumbar Sympathectomy

In this procedure, phenol is injected into nerves in the back to help relieve pain and increase blood flow to the skin of the leg. The CT machine is used to make sure the injection is in exactly the right place.

What to expect
You will be admitted to the hospital and asked to sign a consent form saying that you agree to have the procedure. You are not able to eat or drink anything for 4 hours before the procedure. You will need to change into a hospital gown (but can stay in your own underwear) and will then be taken on a bed to the CT Department where the procedure will be carried out. You will be given an injection of a local anaesthetic and asked to lie still on your side for 15-20 minutes until the procedure is finished.

For 3 hours after the procedure, a nurse will check your blood pressure and pulse regularly. You might have to stay in hospital overnight, but if you are allowed to go home you must have someone drive you home and stay with you.

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