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When you are seen in the Sleep Clinic, careful questioning about your symptoms is the most useful thing. If we need to do a test to check on the breathing overnight, for most purposes we will ask the Sleep Lab (at Bowen Hospital) to do this. They will invite you to sleep there in a comfortable room, with several little sensors attached to you that show what is happening to the breathing, heart rate, muscle activity, level of sleep etc overnight. The information is all seen by the technician supervising the study, and is then looked at carefully by other scientists and doctors over the next few days.

This kind of test is also done at home quite a lot - the technician will go to your home to set up the sensors and the box that collects the information, and will collect the instrument the next day. None of this hurts or is particularly troublesome.

Other kinds of sleep test will be explained by the person who sees you, and will depend on the problem being looked for.

For more information on sleep disorders and sleep studies you can look at http://www.sleep.org.au/information/consumer-information. This is an Australasian site, and the sections on charges for tests do not apply here.

Click on the link for some tips on good sleep habits.

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