Sexual Health will be changing!  What you need to know

What is happening?

The Auckland Regional Sexual Health service is making changes to its services from 1st July 2015.

We will continue to provide free, expert and confidential sexual health care to people in the Auckland region.

From 1st July we will be shifting our focus to better provide sexual health care to those that really need to be seen by us.  This means that some people who have a sexual health concern may be guided to see their GP (family doctor), Family Planning or other health care service in the first instance.

How do I make an appointment?

There are three ways you can access the service after the 1st July:

1.Your best option is to go to our website ( and complete a quick and simple online assessment, which will help us assess if we are the right service to look after your needs.

2.You can ring us on 0800 SEX HEALTH (0800 739 432) to speak to a nurse.  We will need to ask you a few questions to make sure you are eligible to be seen by us and to make sure you are booked with the right person to look after your needs.  This will also let us know how urgently we need to see you and if your partner needs to be seen too.

3.You can ask for a referral from your GP (family doctor) or primary care provider.

We want to make sure that everyone gets the sexual health care they need so if you are not sure where to go please check our website or give us a ring and we will either book an appointment at our service or we will support you to access the best service to meet your sexual health needs.


What is Sexual Health Medicine?

Sexual Health Medicine is a branch of medicine which deals with the widespread clinical and social manifestations of sexual ill health. Specialists in this field are concerned both with individual patient management and public health control of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Sexual Health Medicine includes: the diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections & HIV care; genital dermatology; genital pain ; reproductive health including contraception; and sexual assault care. Other areas of expertise include the provision of sexual health care for: adolescents; sex workers; refugees and immigrants; gay, lesbian, and transgender populations.

Auckland Sexual Health Service is a free, confidential service that includes:

  • diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections and other related conditions
  • sexual health counselling
  • adult sexual abuse service including the care of related medical, nursing and social issues
  • sexual health education for clients and health professionals, including Peer Sexuality Support programmes for schools

For further information:  


Note: Please note below that some people are not available at all locations.

  • Dr Sunita Azariah

    Sexual Health Physician

    Available at Greenlane Clinical Centre, South Auckland Sexual Health Clinic

  • Dr Richard Franklin

    Sexual Health Physician

    Available at Greenlane Clinical Centre, North Shore Sexual Health Service

  • Dr Jacqueline Hilton

    Sexual Health Physician

    Available at Greenlane Clinical Centre, North Shore Sexual Health Service

  • Dr Nicky Perkins

    Sexual Health Physician

    Available at Greenlane Clinical Centre, Westpac House

  • Dr Murray Reid

    Sexual Health Physician - Lead Clinician

    Available at Greenlane Clinical Centre, South Auckland Sexual Health Clinic


Auckland Sexual Health Service
Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am - 5.00pm
Tuesday 12.30pm - 8.00pm
Wednesday 9am-12.00pm

South Auckland Sexual Health Service
Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9am - 5.00pm
Thursday 12.30pm - 8.00pm

West Auckland Sexual Health Service
Monday: 9am - 5.00pm
Tuesday:9am - 5.00pm
Thursday: 12.30pm-8.00pm

North Shore Sexual Health Service
Monday and Friday: 9am - 5.00pm
Wednesday: 9am - 12.00pm

Referral Expectations

  • You can be seen by the Auckland Sexual Health Service either with or without a referral from your General Practitioner.
  • If your General Practitioner has referred you, you should receive a letter from the clinic giving you an appointment within 2 weeks.
  • If you don't have a referral, you can phone the clinic and make your own appointment.
  • If you have symptoms and urgently need to be seen, you can phone the clinic and speak to one of the nurses. You should get an appointment within 48 hours.

Common Conditions

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

    Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) a condition caused by overgrowth of bacteria that normally live in the vagina.… More

  • Candidiasis

    Candidiasis, or thrush, is caused by an overgrowth of a yeast (a type of fungus) called Candida.… More

  • Chlamydia

    Chlamydia is a very common infection of the mucous membranes (linings) of the male urethra, female cervix and sometimes the eye, rectum or throat.… More

  • Crabs (pubic lice)

    Crabs are very small insects which can infect the genital skin and cause itching.… More

  • Cystitis

    Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, usually caused by a bacterial infection.… More

  • Genital Herpes

    Genital herpes is a common infection caused by a virus called herpes simplex.… More

  • Genital Warts

    Genital warts are caused by infection with human papilloma virus (HPV).… More

  • Gonorrhoea

    Gonorrhoea is caused by a bacterial infection of the mucous membranes (linings) of the male urethra, female cervix and sometimes the eye, rectum or throat.… More

  • Molluscum Contagiosum

    Molluscum contagiosum is caused by a virus and is seen as small lumps with waxy, white centres.… More

  • Syphilis

    Syphilis is an uncommon disease in New Zealand but one that can be very serious if left untreated.… More

  • Trichomoniasis

    Trichomoniasis is caused by a small parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis.… More

  • Urethritis

    Urethritis is the term used to describe an inflamed urethra.… More


There is no charge for a consultation at Auckland Sexual Health Service and most medication necessary for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections is provided free of charge.

Public Transport

Visit the Maxx website on (09) 366 6400 or 0800 10 30 80 if you're within the Auckland areas but outside the Auckland free calling area - e.g. Hibiscus Coast, Pukekohe/Waiuku area etc.

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Pohutukawa Clinic : Sexual Abuse Service for Adults

Medical Officers Tel: (09) 630 9772   Fax: (09) 630 9775
Dr Christine Foley              Dr Susan Reader
Dr Anna Laking Dr Jeannie Oliphant

Clinical Nurse Specialist 

E.Brown  021 893 532

Team Support Administrator 

Christina McKean  Tel: (09) 304 4949  Ext:27784

Medical Officers

Dr Christine Foley


(09) 3074949 ext:26579

Dr H.Patel  

(09) 257 5051


Dr Aideen Collins  

021 883 703

Dr Rose Foster  

 021 883 703




 Bogusia Greenwood  

(09) 307 4949 ext:27758 




Lyndon Moore


(09) 307 4949 ext:27758

Management  / Support Staff 

Sook Ping 

Team Support Administrator

(09) 3074949 ext:27782

Alex Pimm

GM Community & L T Conditions


307 4949 ext:27769


NZ Prostitutes Collective             
Clinical Nurse Specialists  Tel: (09) 630 9772 
Suzanne Werder  


Peer Sexuality Support Service    

Education Unit Coordinator  
Alex Anderson

Tel: (09) 630 9786   Fax: (09) 630 9785

Mob:021 334 077

Contact Details

Greenlane Clinical Centre

Central Auckland

  • Phone

    For booking/enquiries : 0800 739432

  • Fax

    (09) 630 9783

  • Website

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South Auckland Sexual Health Clinic

South Auckland

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Westpac House

West Auckland

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North Shore Sexual Health Service

North Auckland

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