Robert first became interested in medicine when working with infants at a hospital as a volunteer. After finishing his studies, he decided to specialise in Paediatrics and focus on Allergology.

Robert has helped families in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, and in the Emirates. He’s fascinated by learning the different approaches taken toward medicine in each country and believes in scientifically proven methods. He believes that doctors around the world should be able to explain complex matters to their patients in a way the patient can understand.

Robert created the ChildrensOnlineClinic with his wife to ensure that everyone has access to sound medical advice and second opinions - no matter where they live or what kind of access to local care is available.

Dr Winkler has relocated to New Zealand with his family to work alongside Dr Vincent Crump at the Auckland Allergy Clinic and will also be dedicating some of his time as a Paediatric Specialist at Wellington hospital.


State Exam Med 1991 Köln; Spec Cert (Paed) 1997 Nordrhein; FRACP (Paeds) 2016

Title or Designation

Paediatrician, Allergist and Immunologist

Post-fellowship Training

Specialist Training (Paediatrics, Allergy, Psychotherapy)

  • Postgraduate Specialist training Children's Hospital, Cologne, Germany
  • Postgraduate Specialist training Allergy Departments Cologne, Germany and Davos, Switzerland
  • Parent-Infant Interactive Psychotherapy (1997-2000) Cologne and Munich Children Centre
  • Europe, USA & Overseas Allergy and Immunology Courses and Clinics

Professional Memberships

  • German / Austrian Society for Pediatrics
  • EAACI (European Academy for Allergies & Clinical Immunology)

Full NZ Registration Date

19 July 2016

Vocational Scope


Contact Details

Dr Robert Winkler is available at the following service:

This service is available at the following location:

Wellington Hospital - Nga Puna Waiora

Ward 1 (04) 385 5999 ext 5519

Ward 2 (04) 385 5999 ext 5518

Children's Dayward (04) 385 5999 ext 5041

Child Acute Assessment (CAAU) (04) 385 5999 ext 5041

Children's Clinic (outpatients service)  (04) 806 2130

Child Development Service Mon to Fri 8am - 4.30pm (04) 918 2800

Kenepuru Hospital Child Health Mon to Fri 8.30am - 5pm (04) 3855 999 ext 7328