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Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit (ASRU)

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What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapists are registered health professionals and all hold current registration with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand.

What does a Physiotherapist do?
Physiotherapists assess each patient with an interview and a physical assessment. Clients' goals for therapy are discussed and a plan is put together in order for the client and therapist to work towards achieving the identified goals.

Interventions may include:

  • implementing stretching regimes
  • strength training and setting up strengthening programmes
  • practice of functional activities i.e. transfer training (this often includes breaking the activity down into components)
  • balance retraining
  • exercise classes
  • wheelchair skills training and classes
  • gait/walking retraining (as appropriate)
  • hydrotherapy (water-based therapy)
  • passive standing on tilt table and/or in standing frame
  • respiratory physiotherapy (as indicated)
  • functional electrical stimulation (FES)
  • walking, standing and exercise equipment prescription.

Outcome measures/assessments are routinely used as part of physiotherapy.  These provide clients and therapists with feedback regarding improvements and help guide achievement of the person’s goals.  

Our team provides both an Inpatient and an Outpatient service.

Our Inpatient service focus/aims are to teach people living with SCI tasks, techniques and skills in order to be as safe, independent and mobile as possible.

Our Outpatient service covers clients who are referred for mobility and functional goals. Clients may be ACC or Ministry of Health funded. Clients are prioritised and placed on a waiting list.

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