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Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit (ASRU)

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Social Work

We are a team of qualified social workers who are committed to a practice that reflects an understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi and adhere to the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and Bi-cultural practice.

We can provide assistance to individuals and their family/whānau who may need support with issues related to the changes in their physical abilities, to their hospital stay, their discharge planning and their living back in the community.

Social Work Services include:

Support: you may want to discuss

  • lifestyle changes
  • the effects of your hospital stay on you or your family
  • concerns at home or work
  • drug and alcohol issues
  • family violence
  • other issues affecting you.

Advocacy and information: we can assist you to

  • gain information and access to services appropriate to your needs
  • find key supports in the community
  • access information regarding consumer rights and health and disability education.

Discharge planning:  we can assist with your planning for discharge to the community

Options to consider include:

  • caregiver support and practical assistance on discharge
  • safety concerns
  • temporary accommodation while modifications are being made to your home
  • Housing New Zealand applications for modified housing
  • moving to residential care
  • liaison with other health services
  • referral to community services.

Outpatients / Outreach work

  • Providing ongoing support about social work issues
  • Providing information on potential networks that exist in your area or region
  • Ensuring that you continue to get your entitlements

For referrals click here.

Community Social Services
A lot of information is given to patients during their inpatient stay that can sometimes be overwhelming, somewhat “information overload” or not relevant until faced with the reality of returning to the community.

The Community Social Services Directory is a resource of key contacts details and sources of information that has been compiled for people with a spinal cord injury or spinal cord condition, their families, carers and health professionals to provide useful contacts for services which can assist in the transition from rehabilitation back into the community.

It covers topics like Financial Support, Budgeting Assistance, Housing/Accommodation/Home Ownership, Home Health Care Providers, Advocacy/Support, Disability Information, Community Supports, Sports & Recreation, Transport/Travel, Vocational employment and Useful Links.

Please note that this directory/booklet is not intended to be a complete guide to ALL services.  We welcome feedback from anyone regarding additional services, updated information and any changes to the following contact details via the Outpatient Social Work Service at Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit.

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