About Us
Brainwave Trust is a registered charity and was formed as a response to new scientific evidence on the impact that experiences in the early years have on the brain development of a child.

Our Vision
Whakamana te i tamaiti.

Brainwave’s vision is that all children in Aotearoa New Zealand are valued and nurtured so they can reach their full potential.

Our Aim
Our aim is to raise public awareness about new findings in brain research and to educate everyone who has an impact on the early life of a child about the important implications of this knowledge on our children’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development.

We are registered with the Charities Commission.

Our Purpose
Through education and motivation we aim to:

  • Reduce childhood abuse and neglect
  • Strengthen family and community wellbeing
  • Inform professionals working with young children and youth so they can use this knowledge in their everyday decision-making and practice
  • Create intergenerational change in attitudes to parenting by reaching the next generation of parents.
  • How do I access this service?

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    Service Types

    Abuse and violence


    Education Programmes

    Our courses take the world-wide science on early and adolescent brain development and apply this to the children you care for and work with.

    Information & Resources

    Brainwave provide up-to-date research on the early years through adolescents.

    We have a library of articles and literature packed with knowledge and information

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