Habitat for Humanity aims to give people in New Zealand and around the world a chance of a simple, decent home.

A decent home is a foundation for a better life. Just like food, clothing, education and medical care housing is a basic human right. 

Worldwide 1.6 billion people live in poor housing conditions. As a result their health is poor, they struggle to pay bills, buy food or afford medical care. For many even the basics of shelter are out of reach. Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to give those people a hand up to fill their basic needs for housing. Every year, these houses make a real difference in the lives of those they shelter.

Offering them not just a roof over their heads, but the opportunity to work towards owning their house. A simple, decent home is the foundation for a better life. Every individual and family whose life is enhanced by improved housing helps build the foundation for a better New Zealand.

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No hand outs, no giveaways, just a little help

Habitat’s Assisted Home Ownership programme is not a give-away programme. Families who receive a hand up from Habitat agree to work in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Sweat equity is the investment a family makes in their future. Families invest a minimum of 500 hours of their time to build their own home or another Habitat home for others in their communities.

Help such as volunteer labour, donated or discounted building materials and reduced loans help to keep a house affordable. Once the home is completed the family makes affordable regular repayments to Habitat at a no profit basis. Our rent-then-buy model helps families build up a deposit which they can use when seeking independent finance to eventually buy their home from Habitat.

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A decent place to live for everyone

Habitat for Humanity believes everybody deserves a decent place to live. With the help of thousands of volunteers each year, we build new…



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