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Rangatahi Services

Oranga Tamariki and Waahi Whaanui Trust will work together to provide quality care to tamariki and their whānau when transitioning from care or youth justice placement. This includes:

1. Transition from Care to Adulthood: Whanui will support eligible rangatahi on their path to adulthood and long-term wellbeing. This will include preparation for their transition from youth justice care.

2. Supported bail: Part of a suite of interventions aimed at providing a credible community-based option for Rangatahi as an alternative to being held on remand in a Youth Justice Residence.

3. Mentoring Programmes: Deals with the most serious, repeat young offenders, and are part of a group of interventions aimed at holding Rangatahi accountable for their actions as well as addressing the underlying causes of their offending.

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