MD 2002 Antwerp; Degree (Fam Med) 2004 Antwerpen


I was born in the Netherlands and always loved the outdoor life. I have always liked to work with people, but my decision to become a doctor was only made in the last year of my high school, possibly strengthened after I cared 24/7 for two weeks on my own for someone with advanced dementia and Parkinson's, to give his partner the opportunity to go for a two weeks holiday. When I knew I wanted to be a doctor, I knew straight away I wanted to become a GP, as this gives diversity in medical care and the most contact with people. I never have regretted this decision.

I did my study of medicine in Belgium, and for 2 years I worked during the holidays and in the weekends as a district nurse. I met my wife Elvira at the university orchestra. We often played squash together and went skiing. After finishing my medicine and GP training I did together with Elvira a degree in tropical medicine. Then we worked for two years in Mozambique. I worked as well at the orphanage and the local hospital.

We translated medical tests from Dutch to Portuguese. We gave lectures and made tests in Portuguese (we could not speak a single word Portuguese before we arrived). After those two years, we lived in Belgium for three years and I did many locums in Belgium and the Netherlands and worked in preventive childccare. I always wanted to work in New Zealand, I heard beautiful stories and it seemed a beautiful place to live and raise children. And it sure is. We arrived straight into Alexandra and we both think it is the most beautiful and best place to live in New Zealand. Our son was 3 months old, when we arrived almost 6 years ago in New Zealand. We now have as well two girls (4 and 2 years old). It is beautiful to see them grow up at our own place and enjoying themselves in Central Otago. I love my work, I love my patients and still am amazed how friendly the people are. I love the weather and outdoor activities, I love mountain biking, running and fishing and of course playing with our children.

I like to work full-time to give continuity of care to my patients. I like fairness and directness. I like to tell the patients what they are up to and don't go around it. We like to have a cosy waiting room and medical centre and most importantly, I like to make people better and make them smile.



Vocationally Registered

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The term "vocational registration" indicates that this doctor has done some additional years of further study and has passed comprehensive examinations set by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. In addition to these examinations she/he has committed to an ongoing programme of study to keep up to date with the advances in general practice. His/her participation in this study programme is audited. Passing the examinations and the commitment to the study programme confers on this doctor the status of "specialist" in general practice, and is your assurance that this doctor is practicing to a high standard.

Doctors who are not vocationally registered can currently work in general practice as long as they are under the supervision of a vocationally registered general practitioner. The Medical Council of New Zealand would like all doctors who work in general practice to attain vocational registration and many doctors who are not vocationally registered are currently working towards achieving this qualification.

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