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Mercy Hospital, 98 Mountain Road, Epsom, Auckland

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98 Mountain Road


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Over the last century Mercy Hospital has grown from a small cottage hospital originally run by the Sisters of Mercy to the largest private surgical hospital in New Zealand.

  • Mercy Hospital facilities include:
  • Seven operating rooms and 155 beds
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • High Dependency Unit
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • MercyAscot Pharmacy - provides support to the wards and theatres with skilled clinical pharmacists
  • Cafe 98.

Mercy Hospital is located at 98 Mountain Road, Epsom. The hospital is six kilometres from Auckland City centre, and a five minute car journey from the shopping centre in Newmarket.


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Document Downloads

  • Patient Information Booklet (PDF, 5.1 MB)
  • Specialist Directory 2017 (PDF, 2 MB)
    The directory briefly introduces MercyAscot's services and presents over 180 specialists who work with us, and the services available on site at Mercy Hospital and Ascot Hospital.
    To help quickly find a specialist who works at MercyAscot, we have continued to list the most commonly conducted procedures first and included an alphabetical listing of all the specialists. For the first time we have also included information about our Southern Cross Affiliated Provider contracts and we have continued to include information about the other services available on site at Mercy Hospital and Ascot Hospital.

Visiting Hours

Our usual visiting hours are from 11.00am to 8.00pm, however our nursing staff are happy to arrange for family and friends to visit you as and when you prefer.

Phone calls

There is a phone available in each room so patients are able to make and receive calls. To call in to a patient room you are welcome to use our direct-dial facility.

Dial 623-6833 followed by the room extension number.
Alternatively you can call the main number for either hospital and ask to be put through to a patient's room.


Cafe 98 is conveniently located adjacent to the main carpark, just behind the hospital and offers a range of hot food, sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

Hours of business are: Monday – Friday 6:30am tea, coffee only:
8:30am – 5:00pm full menu
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Travel Directions

Mercy Hospital is located at 98 Mountain Road, Epsom, about six kilometres from Auckland city centre.  The shopping area of Newmarket is just five minutes' drive from the hospital. 

There is a 10-minute patient pick-up and drop-off zone outside the main entrance of the hospital accessed through Gate 3.  Entrances around the hospital are open from 7.00am - 8.30pm.

After that time visitors should use the main entrance, which is open until 11.00pm.  Entrance to the hospital outside these hours is available through the buzzer near the main entrance.

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A ten-minute patient pick-up and drop-off zone is situated outside the main entrance of the hospital, accessed through Gate I.  Free parking is available in the adjacent, clearly-signed area, accessed through Gate 3.


Mercy Pharmacy is available for all your prescription needs and also offers a small range of retail items.

(09) 623 5700
(09) 623 5701
Fax (09) 623 5702 consumer services


98 Mountain Road

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Street Address

98 Mountain Road

Postal Address

PO Box 9911
Auckland 1149