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Auckland Bariatric Surgery - Benjamin Wheeler

Private Service, Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery


Dr Benjamin Wheeler is a dedicated laparoscopic weight loss (bariatric) surgeon. He completed his surgical training in New Zealand then underwent further specialist training in Brisbane and Hamilton.

Dr Wheeler performs both the one anastomosis gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, as well as Roux-en-Y gastric bypasses in both the primary and revisional setting.

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What is Bariatric Surgery?
Bariatric or weight loss surgery is a term that covers all the different surgical procedures used to help patients with weight related problems, lose weight.

Eligible patients are usually identified by their Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement, although other factors may also be taken into account.  Bariatric surgery can cure or greatly improve weight related illnesses like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obstructive sleep apnoea, as well as give the patient an improved quality of life.

Procedures fall into three main types:

Malabsorptive - these procedures involve bypassing a section of the small intestine thus reducing the amount of food absorbed into the body.

Restrictive - these procedures involve reducing the size of the stomach, usually by creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach which limits the amount of food that can be eaten.

Malabsorptive/Restrictive Combination - these procedures combine both techniques e.g. gastric bypass surgery in which a small stomach pouch is formed and its outlet connected to part of the small intestine.



Adult / Pakeke, Youth / Rangatahi, Older adult / Kaumātua

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Referral Expectations

Telehealth options are readily available. 

An initial GP referral is not required, but is necessary prior to the operation itself. 


The initial assessment with Dr Wheeler is $275.

If you want to proceed with surgery, the further preoperative assessments cost $900; this includes 2 dietitian appointments and a psychologist consultation.

The surgery itself costs approximately $25,000 - $27,000, made up of a hospital fee, anaesthetist fee, surgeon fee and a 5 year postoperative follow-up package including regular appointments with your dietitian, psychologist and bariatric nurse specialist, as well as Dr Wheeler. 


Free parking is available at the clinic.


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