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Dr Michael Booth - Surgical Weight Solutions

Private Service, General Surgery, Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery



We specialise in WEIGHT LOSS surgery and long-term patient management to help our patients take control of their obesity and regain their health. Read testimonials from some of our patients here.
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Meet Our Team
Dr Michael Booth - Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon
Ella Smits - Dietitian
Catherine Kissel - Psychologist
What is Obesity Surgery?
Obesity surgery is a term that covers all the different surgical procedures used to help extremely overweight or morbidly obese patients lose weight.
Morbidly obese patients are usually identified by their Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement, although other factors may also be taken into account. Morbid obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing illnesses such as: heart attack, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, sleep disorders and joint pain. Bariatric surgery can cure or greatly improve these illnesses as well as give the patient an improved quality of life. Read more about obesity - causes, consequences and treatment options here.


Referral Expectations

Please ensure that you have your blood test one week prior to your appointment.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment for registration and to fill in a health questionnaire.

When you come for your appointments, please remember to bring the following:

  • your completed Patient Questionnaire
  • your insurance information, regarding cover for any weight loss surgery.                 


As a specialist clinic we prefer referrals from your General Practitioner or Specialist however self referrals are welcomed.

An initial consultation fee is applicable and surgical fees will be discussed with you when appropriate.


Mon – Fri9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Procedures / Treatments

  • Obesity Surgery

    Obesity surgery refers to a number of different procedures that can be performed to treat obesity.… More

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

    Conditions of the gut dealt with by general surgery include disorders of the oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, large bowel and anus.… More

  • Gallstones

    General surgery covers some disorders of the liver and biliary system.… More

  • Hernias

    A hernia exists where part of the abdominal wall is weakened, and the contents of the abdomen push through to the outside.… More

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Waitemata Specialist Centre: Click here for driving directions and location map.

Public Transport

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Free off-street patient parking is provided.

Contact Details

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Our Staff

Lyn Pearless
Practice Nurse
Email: Lyn@wsurg.co.nz

Chris Wilkins
Practice Manager
Email: consult@surgicalweightsolutions.co.nz

Helen Doo

Email: consult@surgicalweightsolutions.co.nz

Robyn Lees
Email: consult@surgicalweightsolutions.co.nz


Waitemata Specialist Centre
13 - 15 Shea Terrace

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Waitemata Specialist Centre
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