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Sandhya Pillai is a New Zealand trained and experienced general and oncoplastic breast surgeon consulting from the North Shore and West Auckland.
Dr Pillai provides specialist assessment and treatment of breast and general surgical conditions and is committed to ensuring you are provided with the best possible personalised care. Her subspecialty training in oncoplastic breast surgery allows her to provide a greater range of surgical options for women with breast cancer.
Dr Pillai works with a dedicated team of radiologists, anaesthetists, other specialty surgeons (gynaecology and plastic surgery), and theatre staff at Southern Cross Hospital and together we provide complete support throughout the course of your treatment. 
What is General Surgery?
The role of the general surgeon varies but in broad terms general surgery can be said to deal with a wide range of conditions within the abdomen, breast, neck, skin and, often, vascular (blood vessel) system.
While the name would suggest that the focus of general surgery is to perform operations, often this is not the case. Many patients are referred to surgeons with conditions that do not need surgical procedures, but merely require counselling or medical treatment.
What is Laparoscopic Surgery?
Laparoscopic (or keyhole) surgical procedures are performed through several small cuts (incisions) usually only 5-10mm long, rather than through one large incision. A long, narrow surgical telescope (laparoscope) that has a tiny camera and light source attached, is inserted through one of the incisions so that the surgeon can view the inside of the body on a TV monitor. The surgeon then passes specially designed surgical instruments through the other incisions and carries out the procedure using the TV monitor to guide the instruments.

Laparoscopic surgery is usually associated with less blood loss during surgery and less pain and scarring following surgery. In most cases, time spent in hospital is less and overall recovery time from the operation is less than with conventional open surgery.


Referral Expectations

When you come to your appointment, your surgeon will ask questions about your illness and examine you to try to determine or confirm the diagnosis. This process may also require a number of tests (e.g. blood tests, x-rays, scans etc). Sometimes this can all be done during one visit, but for some conditions this will take several follow-up appointments. Occasionally some tests are arranged even before your appointment to try to speed up the process.
Once a diagnosis has been made, your surgeon will discuss treatment with you. In some instances this will mean surgery, while other cases can be managed with medication and advice. If surgery is advised, the steps involved in the surgical process and the likely outcome are usually discussed with you at this time.


Dr Pillai is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider


Dr Pillai is an nib First Choice network provider.


Saturday and urgent clinic appointments available

Procedures / Treatments

  • Breast Disorders

    General surgery covers breast diseases including breast cancer. These conditions are often initially dealt with in a specialised breast clinic which is able to perform a number of investigations (e.g.… More

  • Breast Cancer Surgery

    This may be:

    Simple or Total: all breast tissue, skin and the nipple are surgically removed but the muscles lying under the breast and the lymph nodes are left in place.… More

  • Breast Reconstruction

    When a breast has been removed (mastectomy) because of cancer or other disease, it is possible in most cases to reconstruct a breast similar to a natural breast.… More

  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    Oncoplastic surgery merges the principles of oncologic surgery, in which cancerous tissue is removed, with those of plastic surgery which reconstructs an area following surgery.… More

  • Appendicectomy

    Laparoscopic: several small incisions (cuts) are made in the lower right abdomen (stomach) and a narrow tube with a tiny camera attached (laparoscope) is inserted.… More

  • Skin Disorders

    Skin conditions dealt with by general surgery include lumps, tumours and other lesions of the skin and underlying tissues.… More

  • Hernias

    A hernia exists where part of the abdominal wall is weakened, and the contents of the abdomen push through to the outside.… More

  • Gallstones

    General surgery covers some disorders of the liver and biliary system.… More

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