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Auckland Radiation Oncology (ARO)

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7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


ARO has a world class reputation for distinction in radiation therapy cancer treatment. Established in 2008, ARO is New Zealand's first private radiation oncology facility. Our purpose built private radiation therapy centre delivers treatment in a modern, comfortable and discreet setting.

Patients are offered a choice of timely, best possible radiation therapies (some may not be available elsewhere) aimed at improving cancer treatment outcomes. 

Our team of highly skilled and experienced radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, physicists and nurses are committed to the highest standards of clinical skills and personal care.

The ARO team works closely with each patient to develop and deliver a personal treatment plan. Free parking is offered onsite.

ARO offers the convenience of radiation therapy, pre and post treatment care, laboratory and radiology providers, a pharmacy and support from Mercy Hospital, all in one central location.  


Our Team

Please see below under "Consultants" for a list of our radiation oncologists.

Dr. C.S. Benjamin (Benji), Clinical Director
Dr. Ian M Hanson, Chief Physicist
Denise Redwood, Manager of Radiation Therapy Services


Referral Expectations

By referring a patient to Auckland Radiation Oncology your patient will receive the best personalised treatment and care.

Our consultants regularly participate in Multidisciplinary Meetings (MDMs). This means our radiation oncologists work closely with other specialists such as surgeons and medical oncologists to review specific cases and discuss treatment options so each patient’s care is personalised and aligned.

Patients are usually seen by an ARO consultant within a week of referral. Depending on consultant availability there are no waiting times for a simulation CT scan or treatment commencement once a treatment plan has been decided.

Patients: please click here to view the video and learn about your treatment journey

Medical Professionals:  please click here for referral information.


An indication of cost of treatment will be provided once the oncologist has developed a specific care plan for the patient.

There are three choices of payment:

  • Direct payment to ARO
  • Payment direct from an overseas agency
  • Private health insurance. If treatment is covered by your health insurance plan, before your treatment planning appointment, prior approval must be obtained from your health insurance organisation. The team at ARO are happy to assist you with this; please contact them on (09) 623 6046 or email them at 

You are welcome to contact ARO if you have any questions about treatment costs, insurance claims and payments.


7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Mon – Fri7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Procedures / Treatments

  • Radiation Therapy

    Radiation therapy uses special equipment to deliver high doses of radiation (beam of x-rays) to cancerous tumours, to kill or damage them so they cannot grow or spread.   Normal cells may be affected by radiation, but most appear to recover fully from the effects of the treatment.… More PDF

  • Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

    Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) is a type of external radiation therapy that uses immobilisation systems to position the patient and precisely deliver radiation to a tumour.… More

Services Provided

Hospitals and cancer treatment centres

  • Private hospitals & clinics

Cancer Types

Brain and Spinal, Head and Neck / Thyroid, Lung, Breast, Upper Gastrointestinal (Oesophagus / Stomach / Liver), Lower Gastrointestinal (Bowel / Rectum / Anus), Kidney, Bladder, Testicular, Prostate, Gynaecological, Leukaemia and Blood, Skin Cancer / Melanoma, Sarcoma, Childhood Cancers, Others

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Located right next to Auckland Radiation Oncology on the Mercy Ascot Campus, Cafe 98 serves coffee, hot and cold meal options and light refreshments. This is typically less than a 2 minute walk from ARO.

Travel Directions

Located on the Mercy Hospital site, Epsom, Auckland, ARO has easy access to and from the motorway.

Mercy Hospital is approximately 6 kms from Auckland City Centre. The shopping area of Newmarket is a five-minute car journey from the hospital. 

The journey from Auckland International Airport is less than 20kms.

Once on Mountain Rd, please enter through Gate 3 and follow the carpark signs for free on-site parking. Please report to the ARO reception with your car registration details. Please do not pay using the carparking machine. 

Public Transport

It's easy to access ARO by public transport. Please click here for Auckland transport services.

The building is located towards the back of the Mercy Hospital campus.


Free visitor and patient parking is available in the on-site parking building using the Gate 3 Entrance, MercyAscot, 98-100 Mountain Road. You may park in any ARO designated car parks on level 2, or any undesignated car park.

A short walk along the link bridge leads you from the parking building into the MercyAscot building where you will turn right up the short flight of stairs to ARO. There is a lift available if you prefer.

If it’s more convenient you can be dropped off at the Gate 3 Entrance, Mountain Road. There is a pick-up/drop-off zone on level 2 of the carpark building.

Street parking is also available on the surrounding roads: Gilgit Road, Almorah Road and Mountain Road.

Please refer to the map for location of the parking building and ARO.


There is a pharmacy conveniently located on the ground floor of the Mercy Hospital campus. Please ask the ARO reception staff for directions.


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98 Mountain Road, Epsom

Central Auckland

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