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Counties Manukau Outpatient Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT)

Public Service, Infectious Diseases


Middlemore Hospital

8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

10 Waddon Place, Māngere, Auckland

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


The Counties Manukau Outpatient Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) Service, previously known as Outpatient Intravenous Antibiotic (OPIVA) commenced at Middlemore Hospital in 1998. OPAT allows suitable patients to receive short to long term intravenous and/or oral antibiotics within their home, other outpatient facilities or trained aged residential care facility. The service provides the same quality of care that patients would otherwise receive as an in-patient, without requiring them to stay in hospital.


Healthcare professionals involved in OPAT include:

  • infectious diseases specialists
  • registrars training in infectious diseases
  • clinical nurse specialists
  • pharmacists
  • pharmacy technicians
  • community nurses


Stephen McBride Clinical Director, Infection Services

Christopher Luey Clinical Head, Infection Services

Christopher Hopkins Consultant

Genevieve Walls Consultant

Susan Morpeth Consultant

Veronica Playle Consultant

Timothy Cutfield Consultant

Michael Borrie Consultant

Vicki McCoubrie Clinical Nurse Manager

Frederick Lajara
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Paula Wallis Clinical Nurse Specialist

Krystal Chaffe Clinical Nurse Specialist

Heidi Hall Clinical Nurse Specialist

Mary Jane Alfonso Clinical Nurse Specialist



Child / Tamariki, Youth / Rangatahi, Adult / Pakeke, Older adult / Kaumātua

How do I access this service?

Referral, Website / App

Referral Expectations

Acute Patients (Middlemore Hospital)

If you are acutely unwell, your GP may refer you to the Acute Assessment and Admitting Service in the Emergency Department at the front of Middlemore Hospital. The Medical team working in the Emergency Care Department will look after you, and if your condition is an infection, advice may be requested from the Infectious Diseases specialty. You may be admitted to hospital for investigation and treatment. Once an antimicrobial plan is made by the Infectious Diseases team, you will be referred to the OPAT Clinical Nurse Specialist to assess your suitability to receive antimicrobial treatment in an outpatient setting.

Outpatients (Māngere Community Health Centre)

If the referral is less urgent and the referring doctor is requesting help in the management of your condition, the doctor will request an appointment in the Infectious Diseases outpatient clinic.  Waiting times for the appointment depend on the urgency of the condition as outlined in the information supplied by your doctor, but vary between 2 weeks and 1-2 months.

In the outpatient clinic you will be seen by a member of the medical specialist team who will ask questions about your illness, examine you and possibly order further investigations. This may involve having, for example, x-rays or blood tests.  Once a diagnosis is made, management of your condition will be outlined to you and you will either be requested to return to see the OPAT Clinical Nurse Specialist, return to the clinic or to see your GP for follow-up.

Infectious Diseases outpatient clinics are held at:

Not all OPAT referrals are seen in-person by the OPAT Clinical Nurse Specialist, some patients may receive advice via phone call or email.

Fees and Charges Categorisation


Fees and Charges Description

There are no charges for services to public patients if you are lawfully in New Zealand and meet one of the Eligibility Directions specified criteria set by the Ministry of Health.  If you do not meet the criteria, you will be required to pay for the full costs of any medical treatment you receive during your stay.

To check whether you meet the specified eligibility criteria, visit the Ministry of Health website www.moh.govt.nz/eligibility

For any applicable charges, please phone the Accounts Receivable Office on (09) 2760060.


Middlemore Hospital

8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Mon – Sun 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • 08:00-16:30hrs: on-site at Middlemore Hospital
  • 16:30-22:00hrs: off-site on-call telephone support 

After 22:00hrs, if you need urgent help, or are unwell, go to Middlemore Hospital Emergency Department

Public Holidays: Open on all public holidays.

10 Waddon Place, Māngere, Auckland

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Thu 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Languages Spoken

English, Filipino, Tagalog

Procedures / Treatments

Antimicrobial Therapy

Document Downloads

  • Patient Information Book.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf (PDF, 1.5 MB)

    This book provides you with information about:

    • Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau OPAT Service
    • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC)
    • intravenous (IV) antibiotics
    • oral antibiotics
    • blood tests
    • infectious diseases appointment
    • frequently asked questions
  • Oral Antibiotic Patient Information Sheet.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf.pdf (PDF, 163.9 KB)

    This contains information about:

    • antibiotic tablets
    • prescription
    • blood test
    • possible side effects
    • follow up appointment
    • contraceptives
    • medication reminder smartphone app
    • other medicines
    • end of treatment

Travel Directions

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Public Transport

The main entrance to the Middlemore Hospital site is on Hospital Road. The bus stop and train station are located outside the Galbraith Building entrance which is on Hosptial Road. 

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