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Public Service, Internal Medicine


Formerly Lakes DHB - Taupō Inpatient Unit

Taupō Inpatients Unit has 10-15 beds. These beds are a mix of general medical, rehabilitation, palliative care, and post-op surgical beds.

The Taupō Inpatients Unit admits patients from the local community via the Emergency Department, or as transfers from other hospitals such as Rotorua.

Where to find us: See the Taupō Hospital map here.


Staff on the ward include:
Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and access to Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination.

Rural Medicine Specialists (see below) are doctors who provide generalist assessment and treatment at a level beyond standard primary care. They work in the Taupō Emergency Department, Taupō Inpatients Unit and have a rural clinic. They work in liaison with the DHB specialists.

Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function. They provide equipment if needed as well as exercises aimed to improve movement, pain, weakness or balance.

Occupational Therapists are experts in function. They look at what you do during the day and what might help to achieve things you are struggling with.

Social Workers provide support for you and your family. They are able to provide counselling to get through difficult times as well as advice about your rights as a patient.

Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordinators undertake health needs assessments and service co-ordination of packages of cares for clients over 65, or those with chronic health conditions both at home or in residential care.



Referral Expectations

Hospital Admissions

If you suddenly become unwell and need to be admitted to hospital with a medical rather than a surgical problem, you will most likely be seen in the Emergency Department by the doctor. If the Emergency Department thinks you need to be admitted to hospital they will contact the Rural Medicine Specialist to request admission. There is always a doctor in the hospital, 24 hours per day.

The Taupō Inpatients Unit admits patients from the local community via the Emergency Department, or as transfers from other hospitals such as Rotorua. Some examinations and tests will be undertaken by nurses, on admission. 

Your First Assessment

The doctor who assesses you, in the Emergency Department or in the Inpatient Unit, will take a detailed history of your symptoms and ask about previous illnesses and what medications you are on. Part of history-taking includes asking questions about what you do for a living, who you live with or what support you have. You will also be asked about smoking, alcohol etc. There will be other questions about your health designed to add helpful information to diagnose what is causing your symptoms. The doctor will then examine you. They will explain to you as they go the reason for the examination and then what tests or treatments are coming. You and your family can ask questions at any time during this assessment.

What Happens Next?

You will be admitted to hospital if you: require treatment that cannot be undertaken at home (this may include medication given into a vein “IV drip”), need investigations that are best carried out with you staying in hospital a few days, or if you are too unwell to manage at home.

Often the immediate cause of an illness is not known and the Rural Medicine Specialists manage the investigation and subsequent treatment of most illnesses. In some cases, you may be transferred to another hospital if your condition could be better managed by other specialists.

When you are discharged your GP is notified about what has happened in hospital and any follow up plans.

Fees and Charges Description

New Zealand citizens or those who have obtained permanent residence are entitled to publicly funded health care.

Non-residents may be required to pay for their health care.

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