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8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


0-18 years
We do accept young people 18 years and over on the condition they are still attending secondary school.

The Kari Centre is a secondary mental health service that provides support for moderate to severe mental health conditions that cause a significant impact on a child/young person’s (rangatahi) functioning. Our service is designed to help those who require a higher level of support than what can be provided by primary mental health services. We offer therapeutic groups for both rangatahi and parents/caregivers as well as individualised intervention when indicated.

For all non-urgent referrals accepted by Kari Centre we will offer a CHOICE appointment. The purpose of this is to get a shared understanding of the concerns experienced by a rangatahi and their whānau and to determine if we are the right service to provide support. Often, we only see rangatahi and their whānau once during which we may offer guidance and suggestions to address their concerns or assist them in accessing alternative community or online resources.

The Kari Centre has also developed services for infants and whānau (Koanga Tupu) and a service for children of parents with a mental illness (Tu Tangata Tonu).

Koanga Tupu
Koanga Tupu is a small team within the Kari Centre specialising in the assessment and treatment of infants (0-4). We accept referrals for emotional and/or behavioural problems that are outside what would be expected for a child’s age/developmental stage and that have not resolved with simple interventions. These might include concerns around anxiety, feeding, sleeping and/or behaviour. We also accept referrals where the children’s caregivers are experiencing significant difficulties in their relationship/s with their infant/young child.
We work with whānau to understand their tamariki and the relationship they have with them.  We then provide a safe supportive space for whānau and infants to explore this relationship and work towards overcoming the difficulties they are experiencing. 

Tu Tangata Tonu
Tu Tangata Tonu is a service within the Kari Centre that provides support for rangatahi and their whānau, where one or both parents experience mental illness and is open to Adult Mental Health Services within Te Toka Tumai.
The team will work alongside whānau to work out what things that may impact negatively the wellbeing of their rangatahi as well as the things that will help to support the well-being of their rangatahi.

Our teams are made up of people from a wide range of professions who have experience and training in mental health 

  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Developmental Paediatricians
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Child Psychotherapists
  • Child & Family Therapists
  • Cultural Advisors


Child / Tamariki, Youth / Rangatahi

How do I access this service?


Referral process

Referrals are required from a professional who has seen the identified child or adolescent, including (but not limited to) general practitioners, public health nurses, school guidance counsellors, paediatricians, school principals, teachers, social workers, other mental health services, the police etc.

Whilst whānau are welcome to make phone enquiries, referrals cannot be accepted directly from whānau members. Similarly, rangatahi cannot self-refer.

Rangatahi are seen with their parents or legal caregiver’s consent and involvement.

Pathways to referral

  • General Practitioners: Please complete and submit the eReferral form which can be found on Regional Clinical Portals or email form through to Kari referrals email
  • Other Referrers: Contact the Acute Focused Team (formerly the Intake Team) if you would like to discuss the referral or ask any questions about our service 

Referral Expectations

Criteria for Acceptance and Exclusion

  • Acceptance criteria are based on symptoms suggesting a moderate to severe mental health issue, such as low mood, anxiety, unusual behaviour including hyperactivity, eating difficulties, impairment in functioning related to mental health, preoccupation with thinking about death, deliberate self-harm, marked withdrawal or isolation and impairment of reality testing, that have a significant impact on functioning.
  • We are unable to accept referrals for clients whose main problems involve substance abuse, physical/sexual abuse, neglect, intellectual disabilities, brain injuries and elimination difficulties.
  • We see young people residing within the Auckland Central area. The catchment we cover is Avondale to Panmure; Ōtāhuhu to the Harbour Bridge, Waiheke and Great Barrier Island.
  • Please note we do require consent from both rangatahi and their legal guardians to be able to proceed with a referral.

How long will you wait?

We see all urgent referrals within a 24 hour – 72-hour period.
For all other referrals we do have a waiting time, please call our team for up to date time frames. 


Our service is free for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents.


8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Mon – Fri 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


If you or someone you know has concerns about mental health there are a number of services you can contact and resources you can access, including:



Mental Health Foundation

Yellow Brick Road- Mental health support for families

Changing Minds

The Lowdown

Just a Thought


Self-help tools and apps

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8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

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