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Sometimes when you visit your GP, specialist, midwife or other healthcare professional, they will want you to have some tests. These tests may be needed to check that the doctor’s diagnosis of your problem is correct or to check that you don’t have certain serious conditions.
The types of specimens taken include blood samples, urine or faeces samples and skin scrapings or swabs from, for example, your throat or ear. 
Laboratory Services are located:
  • at Middlemore Hospital on the ground floor in the north end of the Galbraith block
  • at the Manukau SuperClinic™ Blood Test Centre (Module 2).



Blood Collection Room at Middlemore Hospital

Monday to Friday 0730am to 4:30pm

Procedures / Treatments

  • Blood Tests (Haematology)

    Blood contains many different chemicals and particles which may be tested.… More

  • Biochemistry Tests

    This group of tests includes: liver, kidney and thyroid function tests; diabetes tests and lipid (fats), electrolyte (potassium, sodium, chloride), hormone and drug level tests.… More

  • Microbiology Tests

    Some microorganisms (germs), generally bacteria and yeasts, live in and on the body normally.… More

  • Fertility, Pregnancy and Natal Tests

    Pregnancy Tests Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) Test. This is a hormone that is only present during pregnancy.… More

  • Immunology

    Your immune system is part of your body’s defence system and plays an important role in keeping up your body’s resistance to disease-causing organisms.… More

  • Histology

    Sometimes it is necessary to take a small sample of tissue for examination under a microscope in order to diagnose an illness.… More

  • Cytology

    Examination of tissue samples for cancer cells or cells that may turn into cancer cells is called cytology.… More

  • Mantoux Tests

    TB Immunity status. More

  • Drug Screening

    Urine drug screens are a painless test designed to detect a range of drugs in the urine.… More


We do not charge for blood tests requested by your Doctor.  If you require immigration testing, there is a charge, please see below:

 VDRL & Urinalysis  $49.35
 VDRL & Urinalysis & Parasites x2                                   $209.05
 VDRL & Urinalysis & Culture x2   $171.15
 VDRL & Urinalysis & Culture x2 & Parasites x2  $330.85

Contact Details

Middlemore Hospital

South Auckland

Blood Collection Room Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday

Staff Entrance (opposite railway station)
Middlemore Hospital
Hospital Rd

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Street Address

Staff Entrance (opposite railway station)
Middlemore Hospital
Hospital Rd

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Laboratory Services
Middlemore Hospital
Private Bag 93320
Auckland 1640

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