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Waitemata District Health Board

 Promise: best care for everyone

Values: everyone matters; with compassion; better, best, brilliant; connected

Waitemata DHB provides health services to approximately 500,000 residents of North Shore City, Waitakere City, and Rodney District. It has the largest population of any district health board.

North Shore Hospital is accessed by Shakespeare Road in Takapuna, and is situated on the shores of Lake Pupuke. The ward tower block overlooks the Rangitoto Channel and the majestic Rangitoto Island on one side, and the Waitemata Harbour with views extending towards Auckland City on the other.

The hospital provides the following acute services:

  • surgical beds
  • medical beds
  • a surgical unit with operating theatres (including a dedicated obstetric theatre)
  • an Emergency Department (ED)
  • an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • a Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
  • a Cardiac Catheter Lab (CCL)
  • a Maternity Unit
  • a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
  • an Endoscopy Suite
  • Radiology Services
  • Pathology Services
  • Anaesthetic Services
  • General Surgery, Orthopaedic, ORL, Urological and Trauma surgical services
  • Ophthalmology services are provided by visiting specialists
  • an Allied Health team consisting of: social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language therapists. Dietitians also work on the wards but through Nutrition Services
  • Renal Services
  • an Elective Surgery Centre (ESC)

We have visiting specialists running clinics in the areas of neurology and oncology.

There is full paediatric and obstetric/gynaecological cover, with emergency physicians and intensivists in their respective areas.

There are two wards specialising in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of patients over 65 years of age. Specialist outpatient clinics are also provided for older adults.

Mental Health community and inpatient units are based on or nearby the North Shore Hospital site.


Transition Lounge

North Shore Hospital’s Transition Lounge is a facility where patients can await discharge away from the busy ward environment.

Open from 9.30am to 6pm daily, except for weekends and public holidays. The lounge is situated in the hospital’s ground floor Ambulatory Day Centre (accessible via Entrance 2).

Transition Lounge staff can help patients with their discharge arrangements and the facility offers a comfortable area for patients awaiting transport home.

For patients unable to be collected at the standard discharge time of 11am, the Transition Lounge offers a safe waiting point.

Patients who do not need a high level of care and who are not awaiting the results of tests can be transferred to the lounge where they will remain under the care of their medical team until fully discharged.

The lounge features comfortable seating, a television, phone, and free hot beverages and meals for patients, who are cared for by a registered nurse and a healthcare assistant.

Healthcare Services

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North Auckland

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Visiting Hours

Visiting Guide - COVID-19 Level 3

From 11:59pm Sunday 14 February, the AUCKLAND REGION moved to COVID-19 Alert level 3, initially for 3 days, until midnight on Wednesday.

Visiting at the North Shore Hospital is currently only on essential and compassionate grounds, or birthing partners.

Our priority is to keep our patients safe. 

We need to manage the number of people coming to our hospitals and other sites.

Whānau wishing to visit a patient on compassionate grounds will need to contact the lead clinician in advance.

Thank you for your support as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19.


Medical and Surgical Wards
Visiting hours are between 8am and 8pm with restricted viewing from 8pm - 8am.

Maternity Suite
To ensure that women have the opportunity to rest, visitors are encouraged to keep to the visiting times below:

  • The woman's partner or named support person may visit between 7am and 9pm
  • General visiting is between 2pm - 4pm and 6pm - 8pm
Only siblings of the infant may visit at above visiting times.

All other visiting is by appointment only and at the discretion of the midwife manager or senior midwife on duty. Special visiting requirements must be discussed prior to admission and prior to visitors presenting to the unit.
Additional restrictions may apply during infectious disease outbreak.

Special Care Baby Unit

  • Parents are welcome at any time
  • Parents are welcome to bring their other children but they must be supervised at all times and we ask that the visits are kept brief
  • Parents are welcome to bring adult family and friends and can keep a baby visitor list between 2-8pm. If a person is not on the list and is not accompanied by the baby’s parent, they will not be allowed entry to the unit
  • Please ensure all visitors are free from infections and colds in order to protect the babies in the unit
  • There is a limit of two visitors around the bedside at any one time and one of these people must be a parent. Other visitors are welcome to use the family waiting room
  • Other visitors’ children are not permitted in the unit

Intensive Care Unit
Please liaise with the ICU staff regarding appropriate visiting times.


Habitat is a public cafe in the main foyer of the hospital. It sells a variety of hot and cold food and drink, and also has vending machines for snack food and drinks. There are magazines available for sale.

It is open Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm, and Saturday to Sunday 9am - 4pm.

Espresso Alley is a public espresso bar which sells a variety of cold food and drinks, located in the main foyer of the hospital next to the entrance to ED.

It is open Monday to Friday 7am - 3pm.

ESCafe is a public cafe located on the ground floor of the Elective Surgery Centre. It sells a variety of hot and cold food.

It is open Monday to Friday from 7am - 3pm.

Archers Sushi is next to St John's ambulance, Shea Terrace.

It is open Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm.

Bar Italia is a public cafe located on the ground floor at 15 Shea Terrace. It sells a variety of hot and cold food and beverages.

It is open Monday to Friday 6am - 5:30pm.

There are two vending machines in the reception area of the Emergency Department for after hours refreshments.

Travel Directions

North Shore Hospital is easily accessible via State Highway 1 (Northern Motorway). Take Exit 419 onto Northcote Road, turn left onto Taharoto Road, then right onto Shakespeare Road.

See AA Road Map and Hospital Site Map on the left of the page for directions.

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Public Transport

Bus Stops
North Shore Hospital has two bus stops centrally located on either side of Hospital Road, within the North Shore Hospital grounds and just a short distance from the hospital’s main entrance. There are also numerous stops located in the surrounding streets. Bus routes, bus timetables and bus fare information is available by visiting: Auckland Transport website

A taxi rank is centrally located in the North Shore Hospital grounds on the carpark side of Hospital Road. For patients unable to walk to a taxi, a volunteer or receptionist at the hospital’s ground floor main entrance will call a taxi.

Community to Hospital Shuttle Service
The Community to Hospital Shuttle Service is available to transport people to outpatient appointments at North Shore, Waitakere and Auckland Hospitals, the Greenlane Clinical Centre, and the Hibiscus Coast Community Health Centre.

The shuttle services are on demand with no set timetable. Bookings are essential and must be made at least three working days in advance of travel. Please download more information about the service. To reserve a seat please call 0800 809 342 or 09 426 0918 between 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

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North Shore Hospital has separate parking areas for patients, visitors and staff. The recently opened car park building is in addition to the older established car parks so please download our aerial view to view the current patient and visitor parking areas.

Patient & Visitor Parking
Patients and visitors are charged a parking fee as per the schedule of parking charges below. These charges apply 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Patients and visitors collect a parking ticket from the barrier arm ticket dispenser upon arrival at the hospital. Payment is made at one of the pay stations located at the Main Entrance to the hospital, Entrance 4 and the two pay stations by the lifts in the ground floor of the car park building. Payment must be made before returning to the car. Payment can be made in cash, by Eftpos or credit card.

 Length of Time Parked Tariff as of 3 July 2016
 0 - 30 minutes  Free
 30 minutes – 1 hour  $5 
 1 hour – 2 hours  $7
 2 hours – 3 hours  $9
 3 hours – 4 hours  $10
 4 hours – 5 hours  $11
 5 hours – 6 hours  $13
 6 hours – 7 hours  $16
 7 hours – 8 hours  $20
 Maximum daily visit  $20
 Lost Ticket Fee*  $20

*Please note: If you lose your parking ticket you will incur a one-off charge of $20.

Mobility Parking
There are 30 mobility carparks close to the patient areas around the hospital and 20 on the ground floor of the car park building. They are available to anyone who is on hospital business and who displays a valid CCS permit. If you require assistance and would like to speak to the parking staff please call 0800 101 190 and you will be connected directly to the Traffic Office.

For the hearing impaired you can text 021 274 0617 or 021 591 528 to advise the traffic services team of any special needs that you may have prior to your arrival at North Shore or Waitakere Hospital.    

Barrier Arm Operation
The barrier arms and pay machines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cyclists do not pay parking fees. Cycle racks are situated close to Entrance 4 at the front of the hospital.

Assistance at the pay machines or entry/exit barrier
To speak to a staff member use the call button (Telephone Icon).


There is no visitor accommodation available at North Shore Hospital, however there are many motels on Shakespeare Road and in the surrounding area of Takapuna.


North Shore Hospital has an outpatient pharmacy located in the hospital’s main foyer on the ground floor.  It provides a full dispensing and pharmaceutical care service for patients being discharged from hospital, or those attending outpatient clinics. The pharmacy is also able to provide a service to staff and members of the public, and has access to products that may be difficult to find elsewhere. A full range of breast pumps and related devices are available for hire, as well as specialist products such as compression stockings and sleep apnoea machines. The pharmacy also stocks greeting cards, grooming and hair care products, toiletries and a range of gift ideas.

The outpatient pharmacy hours are:

Monday to Friday        8.30am – 6pm
Saturday                      9am – 12pm
Sunday                        CLOSED

An after-hours pharmacy is located at Smales Farm, near North Shore Hospital:

Shorecare Urgent Pharmacy

Monday to Friday                               8.30am – 11pm
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays        8am – 11pm



The security team aim to provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors. They patrol inside the hospital, the grounds and car parks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The wards and some areas have restricted access to prevent unauthorised people from entering. All staff carry WDHB identification cards that can be presented on request.

The hospital main entrance is locked at 8pm, therefore those wishing to gain access to the wards after visiting times should enter via the ECC entrance and report to the security office situated in the reception area. The ward should be contacted first to allow permission onto the ward and escorted access will be given by Security.


The hospital conducts fire and disaster drills regularly. If an alarm sounds please follow staff instructions and do not be alarmed.


For safety and protection, CCTV operates in both hospitals, inside and in the grounds.


The Security Department also work with traffic staff, police and ambulance officers when required to provide added assistance should a situation occur.

WDHB has a zero tolerance attitude to violence and aggression to staff and others. If you experience violence and/or aggression nursing staff should be notified.

Support Services

Volunteer Services

<li>On entering the main foyer of the hospital you&nbsp;are likely to be greeted by one of the <strong>Green Coat Volunteers</strong>…</li></ul>


Postal Services

<p>There is a post box in the main reception area that accepts mail for Post -Economy, Fast, and International.…</p> More

Chaplaincy, Kaumātua and Whaea Services

<p>Our Chaplains, and Kaumātua and Whaea provide pastoral care, spiritual support, leadership and guidance to patients, families, staff, visitors and friends at the hospital.…</p> More

Interpreting Services

<p>Waitemata Auckland Translation and Interpreting Service (WATIS) is a division of Waitemata DHB Asian Health Support Service.…</p> More

Banking Services

<p>An ASB Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is located in the main foyer of the hospital.…</p> More


<p>In some areas of the hospital you will not be allowed to use a mobile phone due to interference with vital equipment.…</p> More



Waitemata DHB supports the government policy of reducing inequalities. Working in partnership with Māori at all levels and in all parts of the district health sector helps the DHB ensure participation occurs, resulting in better health outcomes for Māori people who experience inequitable outcomes.

Waitemata DHB's partnership programme is consistent with the Treaty of Waitangi and adheres to the framework outlined by the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000.


People eligible for free hospital treatment:

  • New Zealand citizens born in New Zealand or their children
  • people with permanent resident status or their children
  • refugees, protected persons and victims of people trafficking
  • citizens of the Cook, Niue and Tokelau Islands
  • citizens of Australia who have been or intend to be in NZ for more than 2 years
  • holders of a work visa (if visa expires more than 2 years after arriving in NZ).

Please Note: People who are not New Zealand citizens may be required to produce evidence of entitlement - passport, residency permit or other Immigration Service documentation when first registering for treatment.

Waitemata District Health Board (DHB) hospitals may not be able to establish your eligibility to publicly funded healthcare at the time of your presentation. If you are found to be not eligible, you or your family will be sent an invoice for the cost of your treatment.

It is our policy to treat patients for acute and urgent treatment regardless of your eligibility status. If you are not eligible you will have to pay for all services you received.

We are unable to accept payment at the time of presentation. You will receive an invoice in the mail with information on how the account can be paid.

Contact the DHB non-resident support advisors at for additional information.


Waitemata DHB is a recognised smokefree environment and workplace. This means Waitemata buildings, grounds and vehicles are required to be smokefree at all times. Therefore smoking is not permitted by staff, patients, contractors or members of the public in any area on the North Shore Hospital site.

If patients or visitors are found smoking within the Hospital grounds they will be asked to leave. Repeat offenders may be issued with a trespass notice.

The North Shore Hospital grounds extend out to Shakespeare Road, Taharoto Road and Shea Terrace.



The hospital allows patients to keep and use personal clothing and possessions. However we encourage you to leave your valuables such as jewellery and large amounts of cash at home. Patients arriving at the hospital will be encouraged to send them home for safekeeping. If items need to be removed and you are not able to make the decision yourself due to your medical condition, nursing staff will itemise and secure any items taken.

If you lose something during your stay/visit please notify a nurse immediately. All lost items are handed in to the Security Office in the ED reception area.



The Well Foundation is the official fundraising body of the Waitemata DHB which includes North Shore Hospital and community health services in West Auckland, North Shore and Rodney. Set up as a separate charitable trust, the Foundation's mission is to help Waitemata DHB to deliver its promise of "best care for everyone" by raising additional funds for priority projects that support innovation, smart use of technology and new initiatives that will enable the DHB to be a leader in healthcare.

Donations and support raised through the Foundation will be carefully managed and used on agreed projects and kept distinct from the annual government funding the DHB is allocated for its basic, core services.

For more information about foundation events and initiatives, or to make a donation, please:

  • visit the Well Foundation website, or 
  • contact Fundraising Administrator Angela Vircavs by email () or by phone: +64 9 447 0138

  • Phone

    (09) 486 8900

Freephone 0800 80 93 42 - Waitemata DHB residential areas only
Patient enquiries:
(09) 486 8930

Emergency Department: Open 24 hours / 7 days, Phone (09) 486 8900


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