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8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


Formerly Counties Manukau Health Audiology

Audiology is the study of hearing, hearing disorders, and assisting individuals who have hearing loss.

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who identify hearing loss, fit and manage hearing aids and other assistive technology and provide support and guidance to individuals with hearing loss, their families and whānau.


Referral Expectations

Referrals are accepted from General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Hearing Therapists, Community Healthcare Workers, Speech & Language Therapists and other Educational Professionals.


Paediatric Diagnostic and Habilitation Service

Referrals are accepted for children between 0 - 16 years of age. Adolescents between 16 and 21 years of age may be eligible provided they are in full time education. Please note that we do not currently provide assessment services relating to Auditory Processing Disorder.

Referrals for children & adolescents should detail:

  • The level of concern regarding the child or young person’s hearing
  • Current speech and language abilities and/or educational concerns
  • Any family history of congenital or progressive permanent hearing loss
  • Available newborn hearing screening and/or B4 school hearing screening outcomes
  • Any history of significant head trauma or infectious illness (e.g. meningitis)
  • The extent of any co-existing developmental, intellectual or physical disabilities
  • Any other medical conditions that are known to be associated with hearing loss
  • Other assistance required for appointment attendance e.g. interpreters, transport.


Acute Adult Hearing Tests

Referrals for individuals with suspected sudden-onset sensorineural hearing loss should be made directly to the Counties Manukau ORL Service.  A hearing test will be arranged as part of their assessment process.  Referrals should include details of the date of onset of the hearing loss, ear(s) affected, any infectious agents involved, treatment provided, and other neurological or balance symptoms (if applicable).


Routine Adult Hearing Tests

Referrals are only being accepted for those who are preparing for or have recently undergone treatment using ototoxic agents, for example intravenous gentamicin or cisplatin chemotherapy. Please detail the agent being used and the start and end dates of the treatment in your referral.


Adult Hearing Aid Services

Manukau Superclinic offers a limited adult hearing aid service for eligible clients. We only accept patients having confirmed severe to profound hearing loss in both ears and/or adult patients having dual disability (deaf/blind; intellectual/physical disability) regardless of level of hearing impairment.  See our guidelines for referrers for further information regarding eligibility criteria. 

Please include a copy of their most recent hearing test results with your referral.  If one is not available please refer to Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy Services or a private Audiologist first.

Please detail the specific eligibility criteria that you're referring under, for example "A severe hearing loss in their better hearing ear", or "The person is living in a community home which is managed by a service provider contracted to Disability Support Services and has a hearing loss which together are impairing this person's ability to communicate safely and effectively."

Fees and Charges Description

Appointment Attendance

Appointment costs are funded by the tax-payer through the Ministry of Health. 


Hearing Aids for Children

Children who are New Zealand Citizens or permanent residents, under 21 years of age and in full time education are eligible for hearing aid funding through the Ministry of Health Hearing Aid funding scheme. Further details regarding funding for children can be found here. Replacement batteries and some repairs can be arranged through Ko Taku Reo.


Hearing Aids for Adults

Due to high service demand and limited resources we have to restrict our adult hearing aid services. Please refer to the Information & Guidelines for Consumers for more information regarding eligibility criteria.


If your hearing loss was caused by an injury (including occupational noise exposure) you may be eligible for funding via ACC.1,2


If you are a War Veteran, have a service-related hearing loss and qualify for a War Pension you may be able to obtain assistance through Veterans' Affairs New Zealand.1,2


If you are a New Zealand resident ordinarily living in New Zealand, and you have a permanent hearing loss which isn’t covered by ACC or Veterans Affairs, you may be able to get funding for hearing aids through the Ministry of Health.1


Additional support may be available through Work and Income New Zealand, who may be able to arrange an advance or personal loan. Contact your WINZ support person if you have one, or phone 0800 559 009.

If you find it hard to communicate by telephone, you can contact Work and Income on:

  • Deaf Link free-fax: 0800 621 621
  • Telephone typewriter (TTY): 0800 111 113
  • Text: 029 286 7170
  • Email: .


If you have financial difficulties and can’t get assistance from government agencies, the NZ Audiological Society (NZAS) may be able to help. The NZAS has a hearing aid bank containing a small number of hearing aids donated by various hearing aid companies. The hearing aid bank also has a limited amount of money available to help those in the greatest need.1



1 Funding can only be accessed through members of the New Zealand Audiological Society.

2 Adults eligible for this funding should see an MNZAS Audiologist in private practice.


8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


Cafe at Manukau Super Clinic -  Located at the main entrance
7.30am - 4.00pm (Monday - Friday)
Ph (09) 262 4294

Public Transport

Auckland Transport has a bus stop near the main driveway entrance to the SuperClinic™. For journey planning assistance, visit their website, or phone 09 366 6400 or 0800 10 30 80.

Manukau SuperClinic™ has a range of travel assistance options available. Click here for more information.

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Free parking is available for patients visiting the Manukau SuperClinic™.  All patient parking is clearly signposted around the Clinic. 

Disabled Parking spaces can be found near most of the entrances. Please ensure you display an authorised disabled parking pass at all times. 

Patients may be set down or picked up from outside the main entrance.  There is a taxi stand available alongside the main entrance of the Clinic.



National Foundation For the Deaf (NFD)

Hearing Association of NZ


Our staff work to ensure that your care and treatment is of the best standard that we can achieve. Feedback on our services can be provided in a variety of ways including via our website.

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Manukau SuperClinic™ has a Call Centre designed to manage all incoming calls related to outpatient services. The Call Centre is open to receive calls between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

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