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Adult Community Services at ADHB are provided by the Community and Long Term Conditions Directorate. The directorate’s key goals and principles are:

Our Purpose: “Provide quality, patient centred, self-directed care as close to home as possible”

Our Goals:

  • Develop new models of care and services, focussed on integration with primary care and other community health providers
  • Develop and provide responsive services to prevent hospital admission, and support safe and early discharge from hospital
  • Building community resilience and capacity to enable excellent, high quality care with all our partners
  • Provide holistic and equitable rehabilitation across the continuum of care, maximising independence within our population
  • Enhanced workforce engagement, succession planning and supporting staff to enable whole system navigation of care for our community

Our Principles: “Working in partnership, across the sector and with our population, enabling self-management, promoting independence”


Services Provided include:

  • District (Community) Nursing
  • Specialist Nursing including specialist gerontology, continence, ostomy and lymphedema nurses
  • Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC)
  • Allied Health including community occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, physiotherapy and dietetics
  • Community Rehabilitation Service (CoRe)
  • Home Based Support Services
  • Rapid Community Access Team (R-CAT)
  • Falls Prevention Programme. Auckland DHB in partnership with ACC have launched new in-home strength and balance programmes to reduce falls in older frail adults.  For Auckland DHB this will be provided through their community physiotherapy service.
    The in-home programme is based on the Otago Exercise Programme and General Practitioners can refer patients through e-referrals (either via Community Allied Health, Physiotherapy, or Older Peoples Health referral forms ) by specifying “Falls: Strength and Balance” and ensuring patients meet the following criteria:

    • Auckland District Health Board resident
    • Maori and Pacific Island people aged >65 years and all others aged >75 years living in the community (not in residential care or hospital) who respond positively to any one the following:

    • Have you slipped, tripped or fallen in the last year?
    • Do you have to use your hands to get out of a chair?
    • Have you avoided some activities because you are afraid you might lose your balance?

    • Cognitive ability to participate in a strength and balance programme (can be with family/carer support to practice exercises). The individual must be motivated and willing to participate in a strength and balance programme and consent to a referral. Too frail to access a community group programme safely usually indicated by:

    • Use of a walking aid indoors and/or
    • Receiving a personal care package and/or
    • Transitioning from a community based hospital discharge programme

    Exclusion criteria:

    • Wheelchair or bed bound
    • Receiving end of life care or has a terminal illness (< 12 months)
    • New complex frailty issues that require addressing by GP and/or DHB funded services prior to commencing a programme.

    For any queries pertaining to Auckland DHB patients please contact Anna McRae, Allied Health Director on 021 817 290 or email

For Information on Falls Management please visit the Falls Prevention Pathway on Auckland Regional Health Pathways.

Locality Teams
Five locality based teams have been established. These are based on the Auckland City Council local boards. Each multidisciplinary locality team provides a range of integrated healthcare and social services in the home. At present all the community teams operate out of the existing base at the Greenlane Clinical Centre.

  • Orakei / Rangitoto ( Waitemata, Great Barrier and Waiheke local board)

              Team Leader Francisca Groenewald

  • Owairaka ( Albert-Eden local board)

               Team Leader Josephine Cullen

  • Whau ( Puketapapa and Whau local boards )

               Team Leader Jacqueline Chapman

  • Maungarei ( Maungakiekie-Tamaki local board)

              Team Leader Zoey Loh


Click here for a map showing the localities.

Referral Expectations

Please use e- Referrals to refer to the appropriate service. Referrals are triaged by a multidisciplinary team and actioned by the appropriate community team.

Alternatively please phone our contact centre 0800 631 1234


  • ADHB Rapid Community Access Team ( R-CAT)

    R-CAT provides nursing care, assessment and treatment in the community to enable patients an earlier or more supported transition from hospital to home or to help avoid an admission to hospital.… More PDF

  • NURSING SERVICES - District Nursing

    A team of experienced nursing staff based in the community providing a wide variety of nursing care in the home, including palliative care and leg ulcer services at Greenlane Clinical Centre, with the goal of promoting optimum health and independence for clients.… More

  • NURSING SERVICES - Specialist Gerontology Nursing

    Gerontology Nurse Specialists will provide nursing assessment, advice, education and support to those people living within the community with age related needs and complex medical conditions.… More

  • NURSING SERVICES - Continence

     The service provides nursing assessments including management and supplies for people from the age of four with bowel and bladder problems.… More


    The Ostomy service provides specialist nursing advice, assessment, support and supplies to people of all ages who have a stoma.… More

  • ALLIED HEALTH SERVICES - Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapists are experts in function. Occupational Therapists assess the level of functional ability of clients who, through a temporary or permanent illness or disability, cannot safely or independently carry out roles and meaningful occupations, in looking after themselves (self-care), participating actively in life (leisure), and contributing to their community… More

  • ALLIED HEALTH SERVICES - Speech Language Therapy

    Speech Language Therapists provide assessment, treatment and management for adults with communication and/or swallowing problems.… More


    Community Health Social Workers provide assistance to individuals and families with health-related personal, emotional and social issues.… More

  • ALLIED HEALTH SERVICES - Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapists are based in the community and provide care to adults who are homebound and unable to attend any other physiotherapy clinic.… More

  • ALLIED HEALTH SERVICES - Community Rehabilitation Service (CoRe)

    The Community Rehabilitation Service is a home based or clinic rehabilitation service for all age adults following a stroke or an acute event.… More PDF


    The supported discharge service is a short term, home based support service for patients who are new to home based support.… More


    The dietitians in Adult Community Service assess and treat adult clients (over the age of 16) with nutrition related disorders.… More

  • Falls Prevention Strength and Balance Programme (In-home)

    This programme is offered in partnership with ACC and is delivered by our community physiotherapy service.… More


New Zealand citizens or people who have obtained permanent residence are entitled to free health care. Persons not ordinarily resident in New Zealand will be required to pay the full cost of their treatment. If you are a non-New Zealand resident, or not born in New Zealand, please bring your passport to your appointment.


There is a charge for some equipment, supplies and the installation of handrails. This will be discussed with you at the time.

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